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Quick Q - you guys like your DT25 112?
by mtnbkr123 on 2012-02-08 18:54:59.2580

I can get rid of my Traynor YCV40 and extension cab right now for a decent price. I already have the HD500. I'm thinking of pulling the pin on a DT25 112.

Do you guys like it? What's the lowdown? Any problems/issues? Like the squealing issue with the HD500 for example? Damn - I have still not brought a USB connection within 10 feet of the HD. I cannot deal with something like that with the DT as well.

Sorry - I am working around the clock and don't have time to be sifting through the threads right now.

Any "bottom line" comments would be most appreciated.

Home use only. No gigging but occasional jamming with other enthusiasts.

Thanks tons.


Re: Quick Q - you guys like your DT25 112?
by greghall on 2012-02-09 01:50:18.5990


I'm delighted with mine :-) I have not expereinced any problems with it, and have been using it for 6 months, both at home and live gigs.

Using the amp on it's own is a dream, but I found it takes some time to get it sounding right when connected with the HD500 via the L6 Link, due to all the options / flexibility the combination gives you. Once you get it dialled in, it's superb. L6 recommend using only the "pre" amp models with the DTxx series, and this approach does sound best to me.

The DT25 is quite loud for loud for home use, but you have a few options for controlling the volume:

1. Use Low Power mode (with the full amp models).

2. Use an attenuator (there are some other recent threads about this approach).

3. Set the patch volume on the HD500 very low and the master on the DT25 up - this allows you to get a reasonably low volume whilst still utilising the values (this is what I do for home use)

Bottom line - it's a fantastic amp, with a lot of flexibility ... :-)

Hope that helps


Re: Quick Q - you guys like your DT25 112?
by kevanprince on 2012-02-09 14:58:21.1440

Pretty much what Greg said.

By itself my DT25 112 is friggin awesome. It sounds great and is as easy to use as any tube amp could be. Set a voicing, dial it in and go to town.

For me, connecting to the HD500 is something else completely. It can still sound amazing but the complexity goes through the roof.

I use mine for home use (learning and practice) exclusively and the HD/DT combo is FAR more than needed for just that, but it's really cool to have all those options there for when I want them.

Bottom line for me is that the DT25 combo is great. I've had no technical issues with it at all. If I had to list one thing "negative" about it, it's that it is pretty spendy. With that said, having the range of the 4 voicings and having all the tone of a tube amp for each of them...I think it's well worth it personally.

Re: Quick Q - you guys like your DT25 112?
by Krontab on 2012-02-09 17:51:13.3250

Attenuator is the best approach for home use for good tone without hearing loss. I'm glad i bought the DT25 for my studio. The DT50 would have been way overkill. Low power mode and reduced channel volume cause a less than "organic" sound.

Re: Quick Q - you guys like your DT25 112?
by rsto10 on 2012-02-09 21:43:42.6130

I agree with everyone here.  I have the HD500/DT25 and also a DT50.  Great amps!  Regarding home playing, I think the DT25/HD500 is perfect.  With a little (or maybe a lot of) help here on the forums, I think I have really "figured out" my rig to the point where I'm really happy and confident that I can nail just about any sound.  From my experience, if something doesn't sound right or as good as you think it should, it's probably a setting that's wrong on the HD500.  I've had a lot of "A-HA!" moments as I've played around with various settings.  Since you already have the HD500, you're probably used to creating patches so the learning curve won't be as steep when pairing it with the DT25. 

Greg is right on with the low volume options.  I haven't yet tried an attenuator, but from what I've read on here, a lot of people think this is the best option.  For me, I prefer #3 in Greg's post.  I have been experimenting and I found that dialing up the volume on the master (at least 2 o'clock) in full volume mode and lowering the patch volume on the HD500 gives a more "organic" sound than simply flipping the low power switch.  The HD500 manual says that the patch volume has no effect on your tone, but of course, how hard you drive the tubes does make a difference.  However, that low power switch isn't bad at all for home playing and is a lot easier than duplicate patches with different volumes or always adjusting and re-saving depending on where you're playing. 

Regarding updating via USB, the DT amps don't use USB to do updates - they use a MIDI connection.  I believe there was one update for the DT50 when it first came out, but there hasn't been any updates to the DT25 to my knowledge.  However, it's nice to know that if there's is a "software" flaw found, the capability is there to update if needed.  If you haven't updated your HD500, you probably will need to depending on your firmware version.  That will ensure it's working properly with your DT and Line 6 has added a bunch of new features.  A new update is coming out shortly with even more new stuff added. 

When you connect your HD and DT, I would highly recommend using an AES/EBU digital XLR cable with the L6 Link.  There has been a lot of discussion as to whether or not you can use a standard XLR mic cable.  Line6 kinda contradicts itself depending on what manual or forum you read.  Personally, I have experienced some noise issues when I chained my two DT's together using a standard cable.  I switched to a digital one and haven't had a single issue since.  Case closed for me.  Other than that, I've had no problems whatsoever with my amps.

I'm a player who needs to sound like other famous rigs and, although these amps are pricey, to me they are worth every penny because of their flexibility.  If you are looking for "your sound" then there are probably other single purpose amps out there that might do the trick for cheaper.  But for my money, the DT/HD combination is the best sounding, most flexible amps on the market - the price you pay is a bargain for all the sounds you get.

I think that if you get it, you won't be sorry.  Even if you don't like the technological aspect of all that the HD500 offers in combination with the DT and all the "tweaking," you'll be really happy with the 4 basic sounds you can get with the amp alone.

Good luck!


Re: Quick Q - you guys like your DT25 112?
by sidysm on 2012-02-10 03:37:27.1210

I'd agree with everyone in loving my dt25 112. It's an amazing amp, very light, sounds huge for a 1x12 and has awsome tone. I couldn't be happier really and first time I've been truely happy with my rig since getting rid of my RM100 stack & fx rack.

I'd disagree with a few points, the hd500 & dt isn't overly complicated it's exactly as simple or complicated as you want to make it. IMO the problem most people have with setting the 2 up is using the preamp only models without having the amp loud enough. The preamps into a quiet dt sound lifeless and lack gain and natural breakup and you can then get caught up on trying to compensate with fx. When you open up the volume however, remembering it is a loud amp, the dt & hd sound amazing and can function the same as the dt on it's own by just tweaking the dt amp knobs only now with more switchable channels. With it running like this dialing in the amp is as easy as any standalone amp and requires no real thought to tweaking the way you would to match the hd500 in to an amp or frfr setup. Once you've got this done you can then add as much or as little complexity to the setup as you want.

To get the best of it run it loud with preamp models and you have the option to use an attenuator if you need  to control the volume or to use it quiet to mid volume set the dt in low volume mode with the full amp sims on the hd, set up seperate banks for the two modes and you'll be fine. If you already like the hd500 you'll love the dt as it makes every model more real and playable and sounds far better than any other amp I've ran it into.

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