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Guitar Model Selector Knob almost impossible to push down!
by haller88 on 2012-02-10 04:29:37.4410

I am on my second JTV-69 (my first developed the dreaded D string harmonic issue and GC was willing to exhange for a new Variax).  It seems to have a problem with the Guitar Model Selector knob - it is virtually impossible to push down.  I have to put the guitar in my lap and really push the knob down hard to get to the Variax mode to engage (nearly using both hands).  There is no way a person without lots of arm strength could engage the knob.  The knob turns freely and works fine once you apply intense pressure to the knob to move it.  My other JTV-69 was hard also but had more movement and took less (but still significant) pressure to engage.

Is this a lubrication issue or do I have another dud JTV-69?  Also - does anyone else have trouble pulling the Variax cable out of either the guitar or their HD unit - it seems like a bit of wax on the outside housing might be useful....

Re: Guitar Model Selector Knob almost impossible to push down!
by haller88 on 2012-02-10 05:32:25.0150

Asked and answered - when I did a search on the forum - I searched on Model Selector Knob and nothing showed up -> if I had searched on modeling switch - would have found a bunch!  I found:">">

- which made me perfectly comfortable pulling off the knob.  Line 6 -> this problem could be solved by putting a 1/8" inserting into the bottom of the knob to insure the knob doesn't go too far in!!!  A simple fix would eliminate a bunch of headaches since this was the second guitar I had issues with.  I took the knob off and put it back down so the bottom was even with the black ring above the pick guard and viola - works great!!!

Any thoughts on the cable release though?

Re: Guitar Model Selector Knob almost impossible to push down!
by Line6Hugo on 2012-02-10 16:40:26.6610


We have seen some of the knobs on the guitars have been bottoming out on the potentiometer shaft, thus, you cannot press down far enough to engage the Variax modeling.  In these cases, if you remove the knob and press down on the exposed pot shaft and it DOES turn on/off the modeling, some customer have inserted something into the knob to create space has fixed the problem for them.



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