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guitar fuzz when played Clean DI through UX2
by msdaleylfc on 2012-02-10 06:03:22.3750

Hi, i just plugged my guitar in my ux2 device and played and it was on a clean setting but it sounds really fuzzy. like distorted but then when i went on the tuner it was the exact same. so i tried just taking pod farm off and playing clean di into my DAW and it is just horribly distorted again. I have monitors plugged into the ux2 device and there perfectly fine. its just when im trying to play my guitar... i need help ASAP!

EDIT! ive just tried my mic in the vocal part just to see if it was only the jack input for the guitar but the microphone is making the exact same crackling..... =/. the back seems fine because the monitors arnt playing up but its just the front.

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