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Headset mics mount to the left, right, or both?
by sschurr on 2012-02-12 15:12:31.4800


I play the Chapman Stick ( and sing in a garage band.  For vocals I've been using a mic on a mic stand.  The mic stand forces me to keep my head up, so I can't look down if my fingers lose their way.  A friend suggested that a if I switch to a wireless headset mic I might have an easier time of it.  With a wireless headset mic I'd be able to look down at the fret board if something feels or sounds wrong.

Now the question: the headstock of my Stick sits within a few inches of my left ear.  I believe that, in order to avoid banging the mic into the Stick, I need to have the headset mic mount on the right side of my face.  Do either of the Line 6 headset mics meet this requirement?  In the photos I've seen it looks like they mount on the left side, which would be no good.  Am I misreading the photos?  Or are they configurable to sit either on the left or the right?


Re: Headset mics mount to the left, right, or both?
by RonMarton on 2012-02-12 23:35:53.3960

Thanks for making me aware of this amazing instrument and its heritage! Both a leap forward and a throwback to techniques used to play the guitar's lute, lyre, harp and psaltery ancestors.

Greetings from down under...

It probably is a bit cheeky of me to "weigh in", given that I neither own, nor have experience of operating a Line 6 headset (I do own and operate eight XD-V70L's and regularly use the alternatives of up to eight Samson SE-50 headworn mics or four Line 6 THH12 modeling handhelds), ...but close inspection of the pix makes me think the Line 6's mic boom can be unclipped and reversed to achieve what you're after.

Given that other manufacturers' similar products (Countryman, DPA, Rode) offer this, I can't imagine Line 6 doing any less.

However, the main reason for my two cents' worth is to comment that, given a fully equipped Line 6 XD "kit" comes in at roughly half the cost of anything of similar ruggedness (with the bonus of frequency freedom), you'd still be "ahead" if you purchased another headset mic.

Performers that I've regularly "assaulted" with headworn gear over the last thirty years or so tell me that the single-ear only Samson SE-50 ($199 ...$1.00 change!) is the most comfortable and "stay put" arrangement that they've ever used.

Here's a link to it on Amazon:

It's omnidirectional, which is a mixed blessing.


Flat, uncoloured response and "tilt" positioning of the boom has given me a wonderful "one mic does it all" natural balance between vocal and acoustic instruments (harp, sitar, twelve-string etc.) when I've been called upon for "folkoric" re-enforcement via my HK Audio Elements rig. This very lack of "peakiness" also yields a surprising natural presence to intimate vocals.


No good whatsoever for "heavy metal" vocal levels. First, the miniature diaphragm will "hit bottom" yielding distortion when located close enough to the corner of the mouth to achieve isolation and second, it will not reject enough of ear-splitting levels from foldback wedges.

I hope my butting-in is of some use.


Re: Headset mics mount to the left, right, or both?
by dboomer on 2012-02-13 08:43:03.5410

You can simply put it on the other way.  There is only a slight difference in the tension of the ear hooks

Re: Headset mics mount to the left, right, or both?
by RonMarton on 2012-02-13 14:28:31.6910

Yes indeedy,

Line 6 not only have a brilliant "answer man" with the most appropriate initials in the whole audio world, but they seem to have a knack for (almost invariably) pre-solving "real world" issues.

I'd be willing to bet that their headset mic will be just fine.

Should you eventually settle on another (for whatever reason), having theirs as a viable "spare" in your kit would be no bad thing, especially as, when I draw comparisons with other manufacturers, Line 6's pricing means that it was effectively "tossed in" as a free "sweetener".

Enjoy !


Re: Headset mics mount to the left, right, or both?
by sschurr on 2012-02-13 20:04:53.6720

Hi Ron and dboomer,

First: thanks, dboomer, for the assurance that the mics fit on either side of the head.  One less thing to worry about.

Second, Ron, thanks's very much for answering a question I'd been pondering but didn't know how to ask in polite company -- whether to buy the cardoid or omnidirectional mic.  My singing has more dynamic range than most folks.  I've had sound guys complain about the occasional shriek that wraps the virtual needle around the pegs.  Given what you said I'm guessing my audience and I will be a lot happier with the cardoid mic.

Thanks to both of you for the information.

Re: Headset mics mount to the left, right, or both?
by sschurr on 2013-02-17 09:21:12.0290

I now own a XD-V55HS.  In my brief experiments with that system I found that the headset microphone will only sit on the left side of the face.

o The ear clips easily rotate to the flat position or to the mount-on-the-left-side position.  Attempting to rotate the ear clips to the mount-on-the-right-side position meets with resistance.  I could bend the ear clips, but...

o If I force the ear clips and put the head set on with the microphone on the right side of my face, then I find that the microphone does not sit at the corner of my mouth.  Instead, it points at my nose.

So my experience suggests that the headset must be worn with the microphone on the left side of the face.  That ends up not being a problem for me.  The line6 microphone sits so close to the face that it is unlikely to cause any physical interference with my instrument.  Also, I bought a Crown CM 311E/SH to replace the omni-directional line6 mic.  The Crown mic sits to the right side.  Thanks to RonMarton for suggesting the Crown mic.  It works great.

I hope this is helpful for someone.

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