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JTV-69 Oddity
by Nige_ on 2012-02-16 15:18:35.6380

I've had an '89 for almost a year so I'm no stranger to JTV. I've bought a '69 today and the store did'n't have anything set up to test out a VDI, not that I would have bothered if they did. I haven't had time to play with it today save to quickly try the VDI on my HD500 and this is where things have gone awry. Plugging in the VDI; I have typically run my '89 without the battery and derived power via the VDI; on the '89 the lights come on as soon as one taps the model switch. The '69 won't do this. No lights - nothing. Oddly the JTV is recognised by L6 Monkey and reports the latest firmware but so far I can't get any models from it, just the mags.

Tomorrow I will look to reload the firmware and reset to factory although I suspect this one is still @ factory default because I was under the impression it was out of the box for the first time for me. I'm hoping that someone from L6 will pick up on this quickly and point out the obvious I am missing as the stock was all but gone at the store and is a local store, not part of any larger organisation.

Re: JTV-69 Oddity
by Chris_Wohlfahrt on 2012-02-16 16:43:02.7060


Sounds like the Model Selector Knob has been pushed down too far on the shaft so model mode wont engage.   I've read somewhere that you can gently pull the knob up and off, then stick a paper shim on top of the shaft and it should work.

Worth a shot, Chris.

Re: JTV-69 Oddity
by Nige_ on 2012-02-17 00:40:07.9750

Thanks for saving my sanity - and an unnecessary trip back to the store. The shim sorted it.

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