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Dream Theater/Petrucci Patches
by meambobbo on 2012-02-17 07:50:01.9420

I tried for a while to dial in a GREAT DT patch.  Source material was the A Dramatic Turn of Events tone, as well as the mark V youtube vid:">"> See 4:15

Here are the results:">">

I like the middle one the most -

I spent the most time dialing that one in.  I even veered from my standard approach of using identical settings on both amps to get it to sound better - used only bass from the XXL and dialed down mids on the XXL - the bass/mids mixed equally from both was creating interference and getting a stale tone.  I also varied the hum setting.  The lower setting on the XXL side gives the tone less of a percussive growl, which makes it a little spongier which is where it should be, but the Treadplate side needs the aggression.

You can fit a noise gate (unfortunately not a hard gate) in front - but i found it too detrimental to the tone to be worth it.

If you want some space to the tone, remove the Parametric EQ with the really high Q setting (fizz remover) and add a delay - you don't have enough DSP for a reverb.

If you want a reverb for a more authentic tone, use the single amp tone - Just be forewarned it sounds a little noisier and has less punch.

hope you enjoy these tones - i'll post a demo hopefully this weekend

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