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New DT50 212 Running Hot
by dprubinstein on 2012-02-18 14:43:14.7750


I've got a virtually new (December 2011) DT50 212 that might  be running too hot.

Now I'm getting old and am a bit out of touch with tube amps, as it's been awhile, so you young whipper-snappers bear with me, but I'm smelling tube or rubber or something after playing for half an hour or so at modest volume, and I'm not sure I should be smelling anything.

I'm not cranking the thing up on stage or even in a garage; I'm using a spare room in our home and keep the volume to a dull roar for fear of my wife and neighbors.  It could just be the amp's newness burning off, or maybe its natural, or maybe its nothing.  I don't know, which is why I am writing this.  There's not a lot of ventilation behind the tubes in the DT50.  The amp's backing is practically right up against them.  And I've got the amp perhaps 6 inches from the wall.  The amp's backing gets extremely hot to the touch, too.  Is this right?  Standard tube amp stuff?

Also, I am running the DT50 with a POD HD500 via Link 6 hook up with a standard XLR cable, in case this makes a difference.  (Yep, the geezer's got a rig!)

Thanks for your assistance.

Signed:  David "Worried New Parent of DT50" Rubinstein

Re: New DT50 212 Running Hot
by sopachrga on 2012-02-18 23:45:59.7070

Hmm, hard to know without being there.

My DT50 certainly does get hot to touch at the back. Not hot enough to burn, but very warm.

It might pay to have a look at the power amp tubes while it's running and making sure one of them isn't glowing substantially brighter than the other. If so, it could indicate a faulty tube.

Also make sure that you are plugging your speaker cab in to the correct ouput on your amp. e.g. 16 ohm cab -16 ohm output etc.

My amp is about 6 months old now, but I've never noticed it smelling, I use a Marshall power brake so tend to run the master volume at just over 50%.

Re: New DT50 212 Running Hot
by bartpuglise on 2012-02-19 15:29:12.3920

I have a DT 50 head with a Avatar 2x12 cab and a Dr Z air brake. I still will sometimes get a slight smell if I'm cranking that bad boy. It does get hot and I think that's normal having owned a few other tube heads . If it is so hot that it burns you than I'd have a tech look at it or look to make sure the tubes are well seated. If and when you change tubes you'll get that new tube smell

Re: New DT50 212 Running Hot
by darealagentp on 2012-02-21 17:27:46.1560

When I first play-tested a DT50, I remember a burning smell for the first weekend... I ran that amp for probably a total of 12 culmulative hours between a Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday.

After a week or two and especially by the first show, I've no longer noticed the burnt smell since.

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