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HD-500 Signal Chain for Chrome Wah
by sxross on 2012-02-19 19:23:26.0810

I'm trying to put a signal chain together for some Thin Lizzie stuff, including Rosalie, where there's a some tight-envelope Wah stuff. I'm not sure what the recommended way to do this is, cuz normally, I'd just string a bunch of pedals together and be off to the races. Now, I'm using the HD-500 and this is what made sense to me. Any hints or comments are really appreciated:

J800 Amp (not preamp) / no-cab

[Noise Gate?] -> [Chrome Wah] -> MIXER -> [Tube Echo / Analog Delay?]

Chrome Wah mapped to expression pedal 1 at 5% - 95%. I found it just wasn't working at 0% - 100% so when I backed it off it worked.

It didn't feel like I needed a compressor or anything else because the J800 has such good crunch all by itself.

All of this goes into either a Peavey or Marshall half-stack input, not fx.

I'm not really feeling the "funkiness" of the Wah pedal. Is there something dreadfully wrong with the way I've laid this signal chain out? Any thoughts on my choice of amp and effects?



Re: HD-500 Signal Chain for Chrome Wah
by adamf on 2012-02-19 21:28:02.1190

Well I'll pass on somthing that seemed to work for me...Gregg deLaune has excellent tutorials he's worth checking out if you have'nt already...He suggested backing off the overall Wah mix to 46%....not running the full 100%.  I like using the conductor,  wow...not wah pedal..

enjoy hope it helps


Re: HD-500 Signal Chain for Chrome Wah
by jimsreynolds on 2012-02-20 00:23:43.3500

Hmmm.   It makes quite a difference whether the signal chain goes

     Distortion --> Wah


     Wah --> distortion.

The first of these two gives a 'wider' wah tone to my ears (sometimes too wide but generally more funky).  This is tricky cause you are using amp distortion (not bad ... just tricky!).

You could try either.

  1. Putting the wah after the amp model.  This will definitely give a stronger wah but may (or may not) sound unnatural.
  2. Dropping off some of the drive on the amp model and introducing an OD/Distortion block before the wah.   Try a couple of them like a screamer (drive low but output level high)  or an overdrive (same principle).   See how that sounds.

Re: HD-500 Signal Chain for Chrome Wah
by sxross on 2012-02-20 08:41:03.5600

Adam, good suggestion on Conductor instead of Chrome. But as jimsreynolds points out it's tricky with the distortion. I deliberately picked the J800 because it has that nice crunch for the main part of the song -- Thin Lizzie was known for pretty "dirty" tones. But the lead is, to my ear, clean with a kind of, for lack of a better work "liquid" wah sound. I'll experiment with jim's suggestions.

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