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Vetta II and Intelligent Pitch Shifter
by stbline6 on 2012-02-20 07:48:49.9460


It is a fact that the Vetta II does not support the intelligent pitch shifter effect.

Someone try with a Boss PS-5 or PS-6 or Eventide Pitch Factor in the effect loop?

I know that it is possible to use the pitch shifter as a stomp box but I noticed

that the result is better after the distortion (or preamp). I based my tests on

the Smart Harmony effect in my POD HD 500.

By the way, how is the performance of the Smart Harmony versus Boss PS-5

and Eventide Pitch Factor? The Line6 M5 could be nice in the effect loop of

the Vetta.

Re: Vetta II and Intelligent Pitch Shifter
by gabrieleciullo on 2012-02-22 17:43:22.4470

Read here, you might be interested

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