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Spider III 120 Wat Combo Amp and Boss GT-10
by Draven0914 on 2012-02-20 10:21:01.0040

Hello all and sorry to bug you all again........I posted in here before about how to hook the Boss GT-10 up to my Spider III 120 Wat Combo amp before and I did get it "answered" but when I tried to hook it up the way it was suggested I got NO SOUND from the Spider III......I am new to all of ths so it may have been something on my end.......but if someone could elaborate a lil bit more on this I would deeply appreciate it...........below you will find my original post as well as the "answer" you all were so kind to give the last time....Thank You Very Much it is DEEPLY APPRECIATED


Hello my name is Justin and my wife bought my a Boss gt-10 for Christmas and I was just curious what is the CORRECT way to hook the boss Gt-10 up to my Line 6 Spider III amp I have the 120 combo......

Thank You



Hi Justin,

The ideal way to hook up any modeling pedal (line 6, Boss, Vox, etc...) is to hook it up into the "Power Amp" Input of your amplifier.  This way you don't have a situation where your GT-10 is modeling an amp, and your amp is modeling on it's own as well!

The Spider III's do not have a Power-Amp input, but they do have a CD/MP3 input on the front...this will do the same thing.  I would run a cable from the L+R outputs of your GT-10 into the MP3 input of your Spider III.  You will need a cable that has:

1) on one end, two mono 1/4" plugs.  These go into the L+R outputs of your GT10.

2) on the other end, a single 1/8" stereo plug.  This will go into the MP3 input of your amplifier.

Set your GT-10's output mode to combo Power Amp in.  (I think they might even have speaker size options, if I recall correctly?  Try 2X12, which is the closest you'll get to your Spider speaker configuration)

I hope this helps!

The CD/MP3 input would be best in this senario. Essentally, you are bypassing the preamp in the Spider. Keep in mind that the volume will be controlled from the master output of the Boss pedal.

Re: Spider III 120 Wat Combo Amp and Boss GT-10
by bluebluetones on 2012-06-16 18:39:27.1060


I just came across this post - I realize that is many months old, but I did not know if you still needed help or not?

Please first confirm that the Spider III is working by plugging your guitar in the input jack and making sure the amp models sound, and that the volume knob is working.

You can confirm your GT-10 is working by plugging your guitar into it, and listening through the headphones jack.

Now just to confirm your set-up:

- you are plugging your guitar into the Boss GT-10 input

- you are using the stereo L+R output of your GT-10, and running them into the mini CD/MP3 input of your Spider III.  You will need a specialized cable for this.

This should all work fine now.  If you are still getting no sound,

- confirm that the "Master Volume" is turned up on your Spider amp.  (Say about 1/4 to 1/2 full)

- confirm that the volume pedal on your GT-10 is rocked forward.

If you are still getting no sound, try putting a spare guitar cable into the "Input jack" of your Spider III, (But with no guitar attatched to the cord)  I have heard some rumours that the Spider requires a cable into the input jack to work.  (Personally, my Spider does not need this, but I have heard this fix...)

If this is still a problem, please let us know.  It could be a problem with the amp or the output selection on the GT-10.  The Boss units have a lot of options!

I apologize for not seeing this post, I rarely surf around the Spider III forums.  Feel free to send me a private message as well if you are not getting any further guidance.

The information above may not be current, and you should direct questions to the current forum or review the manual.