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MIDI/4CM Question
by matt_wallace on 2012-02-21 18:23:38.8970

I need help determining if I can run my HD500 in the 4CM and use MIDI at the same time to control a Lehle D.Loop SGoS (or similar device) as follows:

Using the HD500's FX loop out that would normally run to the front of an amp in 4CM I would like to send it first to the Lehle and use MIDI to choose between either Loop A, Loop B, both simultaneously, or bypass for a clean direct signal to the front of the amp. After the Lehle it would then hit the front of the amp and continue the 4CM as usual.

I want to be able to switch between either Loop A, Loop B, both simultaneously, or bypass to go direct into the front of the amp when I select various banks in ABCD mode and/or the 1-4 switches in ABCD mode.

My hope is that since the Lehle accepts MIDI and the HD500 can be used as a MIDI controller that I can use it to open and close the various loops in the Lehle on the way to the front of the amp. That way I can use my distortions/overdrives/boosters/etc without having to physically turn on/off any of the stomp boxes in the line going to the front of the amp. All the opening/closing of the Lehle loops would be done when I switch scenes/pre-sets using the ABCD footswitches and/or using the 1-4 switches. The idea is to be able to push the front of the amp with stomp boxes when I need to and pull them out of the signal chain when I want to go clean into the front of the amp without having to tap dance to turn them all off or on. When I turn on loop A or B, for example, I want all my other effects I have assigned in the HD500 to switch as well. When I want to go clean I can close the loops and also turn on effects such as delays, chorus, reverb, etc all with a single foot switch.

I hope I explained that clearly enough - but probably not.

I have zero experience with MIDI and any help would be greatly appreciated!

Re: MIDI/4CM Question
by jimsreynolds on 2012-02-22 06:48:29.2210

In principle:  yes, you should be able to do this.  If you have a loop switcher device that can reconfigure itself in response to Midi Program Change messages then you can do this, 

Skimmed the manual for the Lehle here (">"> and it does appear that it will support MIDI channel switching with Program Change messages (sent from the HD).  Other devices such as the Voodoo Labs GCX do also I believe.  Suggest you send a query to the vendor's web site if you are nervous about this setup but it looks fairly straightforward.  One catch is that you need a special 1/4" TRS ===> MIDI cable to make MIDI happen.  Not a huge deal but something to consider.

As a side benefit, you can send MIDI Program change messages from within a patch using the 1-4 switches.  Just assign a program change message to them (note that it will not toggle though).

The hookup iwth 4CM is entirely possible and should work as you describe.  The one thing you really need to stay aware of levels at the amp input.

-  drive it too hard and you may have trouble getting good clean tones or a garbled distortion tone.

-  Too weak and your sound will be anaemic.

Stay mindful of the output levels of your pedals and the loopers and you should be fine.  Try and keep the basic level around the same as when you plug a guitar in (unless you are deliberately driving the input hard with your distortion pedals.  Expect to have to fiddle !!!

Re: MIDI/4CM Question
by Karl_Houseknecht on 2012-02-22 06:57:13.1800

I have a Voodoo Lab GCX that I use with my HD Pro and HD500.  By assigning MIDI Toggle messages on the appropriate channel/CC to footswitches on the HD unit, I send the GCX messages to open/close loops/switches when the patch loads.  Usually, I assign these messages to switches I won't use, like the bottom four patch changing switches on the shortboard/500.

Right now, I'm using the GCX for amp channel switching, but I've also used it to switch pedal loops in and out of the chain.

Re: MIDI/4CM Question
by matt_wallace on 2012-02-22 09:21:47.1420

Jim and Karl,

Thanks! It sounds like it will work as I imagined then - which was my assumption but wanted confirmation. I emailed Lehle's American Distributer and they gave a very short and no so helpful answer basically saying that does accept MIDI changes.

Now that it seems this will work as I want it to, could either of you point me to a tutorial on how to program MIDI on the HD500 as I described above in the original post? I haven't had any luck finding one.

Any suggestions as to what loop pedal to use, Lehle, Voodoo Lab, etc? The Lehle is small enough that I can fit it on my board with no problem but if anyone has experience with this type of setup and prefers one particular unit over another then I'm all ears.

Thanks Again!

Re: MIDI/4CM Question
by jimsreynolds on 2012-02-22 09:52:35.2940


The Advanced manual should be your first port of call, found Here ==>">">

This gives good info on using Midi with the HD.  Most of the good stuff is in the Appendix B.   If you need clarification or advice on strange behaviours then search this forum.

Have fun.


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