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PODxt Live Invalid ESN - Cant connect via USB
by azahid on 2012-02-22 10:29:53.6830

Hey all....hope you all are doin better than i am. I just joined the PODxt live family today. and after browsing the forums have come to know my POD has the all zeros (0)s ESN issue and shows USB V0.00 while on the top it says POD XT LIVE v 3.01.

Ive bought this in Pakistan and is a used unit. have no receipt since thats not how they do business in this country for used units i guess. Line6 does not have any representation in Pakistan i believe.

Now with the discussions ive gone through i have a few questions in mind which if someone can answer id be most grateful.

If i have to get the hardware serviced or the chip replaced how should i go about it?

I did the mistake of connecting the POD to the PC without installing drivers. Is it really that simple to create an issue this big which cannot be resolved without a repair centre?

If the ESN is all zeros will there be no connection via a MIDI cable or a MIDI to USB convertor cable as well?

Can the POD be updated and tones saved from the line6 library via MIDI?

On many factory banks it says it contains tones from an expansion pack i do not have. Is this an issue? if so how do i remove it?

How can i restore it to default settings? Will a factory reset help me with my issue?

What exactly causes this ESN issue? Hardware bug or software? Is there anyway i can flash the chip without looking for a rep?

My PC does not even recongnize something has been connected to it via USB. No new hardware detected prompt or anything at all. Naturally the monkey doesnt connect either. And since theres no connection i cant fix anything since theres nothing which can be updated. Jeez i know m going crazy here. Spent a lotta money for this and am scared shitless!!! LoL

Would be most grateful if someone can help me out!

Re: PODxt Live Invalid ESN - Cant connect via USB
by azahid on 2012-02-22 10:32:17.6490

Oh one other thing i forgot to add.....the monkey doesnt show any ESN at all....and doesnt connect. There i guess thats it....:D HALLLLP!!!!!

Re: PODxt Live Invalid ESN - Cant connect via USB
by laplayantonio on 2012-02-29 04:09:52.4680

hello azahid

I'm afraid you need to send your XTL to a Line6 Service Center: if it shows no ESN, this means the mainboard was replaced but someone missed installing the original security chip in it...

without this, you won't be able to install Addons, as the FXJunkie which is included in the v3.01 Firmware: this is the cause of the 'missing Model' message

as there is no Service Center currently in Pakistan, you may try contacting the one in India:


J-404, V.P. Road

Congress House


400 004

+91 2223825118 (phone)

+91 2223872265 (fax)


Re: PODxt Live Invalid ESN - Cant connect via USB
by azahid on 2012-02-29 13:14:43.7930

Thanks Antonio......appreciate your response.....believe it or not.....but I was actually able to have it fixed.....this dude I know I dunno how he did it but he did it.......but yea you're definetly correct about a missing chip......he said he had to hunt down an IC and install the pod shows the number.....and does everything its supposed besides kicking ass! M loving it! I still owe you one! Anyone else having this problem in Pakistan I'd be happy to help out until line6 can get here. :)

Re: PODxt Live Invalid ESN - Cant connect via USB
by danielmoltar on 2012-03-02 16:22:09.8460

how do i know if my pod 2.0 had a hardware problem, i mean, im on perú and doesnt have any technician of pod. (no service center)

i had a error code 8000900c.

but the white light of my cable midi/usb its off. but the red light of usb its on.

when its conected i push other botton and then the white light turn on and later off, about 5 seconds.

when i start line 6 monkey, it doesnt recognize it and says esn none.

i dont know if its the cable, maybe pod doesnt work with cheap midi/usb, it could be the usb of the mainboard, it could be everything... :S

Re: PODxt Live Invalid ESN - Cant connect via USB
by Van420 on 2013-02-17 12:50:23.7000

Do you know what chip was installed or where i can purchase one?

Re: PODxt Live Invalid ESN - Cant connect via USB
by toneman2121 on 2013-02-18 09:54:30.8180

contact line6 and they can advise you on what to do. this thread is a year old so l6 probably won't answer

Re: PODxt Live Invalid ESN - Cant connect via USB
by TheRealZap on 2013-02-18 10:14:58.8100

only an authorized service center can help you... you can't get the chips anywhere... i had the issue a long time ago...

if you dont have any model packs or extra licenses it really doesn't matter though... so its still usable without the chip...

was going to be more than it was worth to fix... so i put the money towards an x3 at the time.

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