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M9, labeling and magnetic fields
by tapsilogic on 2012-02-22 17:44:08.3890

Hi everyone,

I've just decided to replace all my stomps (except for my M5+EX1, PolyTune and my trusty Big Muff Pi) with an M9.

Being a stompbox-oriented person, I'm dependent on visual labels to know which one to step on at any given time. With the M9, it looks like my only visual cues are the colored lights on the footswitches -- not too helpful when you have tens of effects under each color code.

I saw a photo of Chris Shiflett's M13 labeled with good ol' masking tape but that would't be of much help if you're dealing with multiple scenes. So I did a bit of online research on labeling methods that are (1) reusable and (2) does not require adhesives and/or velcro.

I figured I can use a strip of plain white vinyl or acetate with magnetic tape (like those used on fridge magnets) and the M9's metal chassis will do the rest.

Question: is it safe to use magnetic tape on an M9? I'm afraid the weak magnetic field might corrupt its firmware or might inflict kind of damage on its electronics.

Any help on this (or alternative ways to label the M9) would be awesome. Thanks a lot!


* This is my first post here, so be kind.

Re: M9, labeling and magnetic fields
by phil_m on 2012-02-22 18:20:20.9460

EPROM chips, the type of chip in the M9, are not affected by magnetic fields, so there shouldn't be any problem using magnetic labels. As far as disrupting electronics, you'd need a far stronger EMF field to do that than those little labels could ever produce. It will be fine.

Re: M9, labeling and magnetic fields
by tapsilogic on 2012-02-27 06:30:36.9070

Thanks! I'll start printing them labels then.

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