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Backing Up Presets/User Banks from AX2?
by m-pire on 2012-02-24 11:47:10.2190

Hey everyone.  Is there a way to backup, copy, write down or otherwise archive the stored pre-sets in my AX2?  Specifically the user banks?

Here's why I ask.  I bought an AX2 a several years ago and the guy I bought it from had programmed all the old Axsys sounds into the User banks of the AX2.  So, it has BOTH sets of pre-sets stored in it.  The guy demo'd the old and new sounds for me and gave me a list of each set of pre-sets. I've seen a lot of folks ask for the old Axsys sound pre-sets.  I'm getting ready to sell the amp but thought I'd try and get the old Axsys pre-sets documented first.

I'm willing to step through the amp and write it all down and post it here for everyone's benefit, but I need someone to walk me through the process to get to the info.

Like I said, I bought the amp several years ago, late 2007 I think.  Anyway, it was my first amp, I did not know what I was getting into.  It quickly overwhelmed me as a newbie.  I ended up setting it aside and bought a smaller, much easier to operate practice amp.  I never have gotten back into this thing and really played with it.  I know it can be connected via MIDI for programming though. 

IF someone would like to invest the time to help me out with this project, I'm sure many would be forever grateful.

PM me and I'll send you my direct contact info.

Thanks in advance...

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