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M5 blinking screen to color calibration
by mfish33 on 2012-02-24 15:41:20.4040

I have had the M5 since late Oct 2011, so still under warranty, no issues till just recently with it blinking after pushing tap or preset, it blinks and goes to a color calibration screen I can't get out of...unplugging for about 30 sec seems to reset it to work. I'm using normal power supply that came with's really odd, I see some similar issues on the forum but wondering what is happening. Any ideas? Thanks!

Re: M5 blinking screen to color calibration
by aaronbrownsound on 2012-02-25 18:18:51.7850

Crazy, this just happened to me today!  Mine is under warranty, but I managed to figure out what this at least. Someone from Line 6 should hopefully jump in and correct me since I'm just guessing.

It appears it entered a test state used at the factory. If you plug it in and the display is blinking you can do two things:

1. Press Model Select - This takes you to factory test mode.

2. Press Tap - This takes you to color calibration.

Whichever one you press locks you into that mode. You have to unplug it and plug it back in to get to the other menu.

So, here's how I fixed mine.

Do the following

Start with the unplugged unit.

Plug in the unit, press model select.

NOW, you'll see a series of things like Flash, Pedal, Midi, Etc. This appears to be the factory test for each part of the M5 (probably generic for the M9, and M13).

Go through each one until is says P (Pass) or F (Fail).

For some of them you just have to press in the model select and it will Pass instantly. Others require you to turn the knobs (encoders), Press the buttons, plug in things to the jacks, plug in an expression pedal and turn it up and then down, etc.I didn't plug in a midi cable for the test and it failed, but still ended up working in the end...


Well, this worked for me anyway. I think it's somehow reverting to a factory test setting QA check like state.

Please reply if this makes yours work again like it did to mine. If it fails again I'm sending it back so I'll let you know what Line 6 reps say about this.

Not too happy about this happening with a 3 week old unit that has exclusively been lightly used with the Line 6 power supply in a recording studio....

Re: M5 blinking screen to color calibration
by Line6Hugo on 2012-02-28 11:16:52.5920

The 'color calibration' mode can be accessed if the TAP button is held down while powering up the M5 (plugging in the power adapter).  It IS possible that maybe the TAP button could be malfunctioning on the unit and stuck in the 'pressed down' position, so that when you power it on, it takes you to the 'color calibration' mode.

If you can get it back to normal operation, can you please verify that the TAP button is functioning properly to help understand if this is the culprit.



Re: M5 blinking screen to color calibration
by mfish33 on 2012-05-21 21:34:07.8560

I haven't had it happen for a little bit, but if I unplugged it and waited a few seconds and plugged it in, it would usually be fine. I haven't noticed an issue with the tap button sticking. It does a little on my X3 live, any way to fix that sticky button easily?

Re: M5 blinking screen to color calibration
by mfish33 on 2012-08-27 01:14:57.6460

@aaronbrownsound, well, I had kinda given up on the m5 for a while and had not checked back here for a bit. Went thru your suggestion and it did seem to reset and get it going to the actually pedal select part, as I could not get it to work AT ALL. So thank you for this as it seems to work again, how long remains to be seen. Has yours been fine since you did this?

Re: M5 blinking screen to color calibration
by mfish33 on 2012-08-27 10:28:48.5460

Ok, so I shut it off and tried again today to see if it turned on properly and it started blinking again, same issues. I'll be sending this thing back in it looks like. Very frustrating.

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