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Problem to import midi files to midi memo !
by Istrydhil on 2012-02-25 15:17:23.1520


An error occured when i try to import MIDI files to MIDI Memo on my iPad through iTunes files sharing. A message notices me that only files created in MIDI Memo can be imported ?! Why ? Is it a limitation or a bug ?

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Re: Problem to import midi files to midi memo !
by Line6Don on 2012-03-05 15:18:33.1640

Q: Can I copy a MIDI file from my computer into MIDI Memo Recorder?

A: This can be accomplished via iTunes File Sharing with the MIDI Memo Recorder app. Alternatively, you can simply play any MIDI file out your computer's MIDI interface directly into MIDI Mobilizer or MIDI Mobilizer II, and record the data in our MIDI Memo Recorder app as a new MIDI Memo. This will capture and time-stamp all of the data, and the app can also play it back exactly as it was received

Q: What MIDI data can the MIDI Memo Recorder app record?

A: MIDI Memo Recorder will capture and record all MIDI data that can be stored within a Standard MIDI File, which includes all performance information (notes, controllers, pedals, pitch bend, after touch, etc) as well as any System Exclusive data (usually the parameter values of a keyboard or effect unit's sounds and settings). It does not record System Real Time messages (which include Active Sensing, MIDI Timing Clock and Start/Stop/Continue), as these are not part of the Standard MIDI File format.

All received MIDI messages are time-stamped to an accuracy of one millisecond (1/1000 second) in order to preserve very accurate timing for all MIDI events.

If you can not import the file into the iTunes File Sharing it is most likely because the file is not a standard midi file.

RE: Problem to import midi files to midi memo !
by laplayantonio on 2012-03-23 05:36:03.7890

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