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X3 Live Problem
by blackroonsociety on 2012-02-26 07:24:07.8830


I bought the X3 Live a few years ago and now a Variax JTV59. And now I try to get it work with Gearbox. There are two Problems.

1) I cant save the Variax Guitarmodel in Gearbox! I think this is a bug with gearbox and the x3 live. My workaround is to save the tones and after close gearbox i do the rest with the model direct at the x3 live and save it. When i override the tone again with gearbox, i have to do it again. Hope this will be fixed, so that my variax model also changes when choose another tone by x3 live.

2) When I save a Tone on 1B-1/1B-2 Gearbox also change 2A-2. When I save a Tone on 2A-1/2A-2 Gearbox also change 1B-2... I dont understand how this is possible. I just want to save one tone an gearbox also overwrite another tone. Is this also a bug?

My question: Is Line 6 still working on it, or is Line6 not interested to fix this to sell new products like hd500? I waste a lot of time on problems with variax, x3 live, monkey, licence manager, ... and i just want to make music. Will there be an update for the problems?

*I also bought pod farm 2 and thougt i can change my x3 live sounds with it. It does not work


5. Minutes later ....

Update for Problem two: Gearbox changes every Tone on the x3 live... My new tone is called "Life Down" and I put it with gearbox on Bank 1A-1 and also on 1A-2. After save this and close gearbox... Every tone 2 on the x3 is Life Down... 3B-2, 3C-2, ... 7A-2,... 14A-2,... and there is a star on the display... maybe that is the problem? what does this mean and how can i delete the star?

Re: X3 Live Problem
by silverhead on 2012-02-26 07:27:43.3590

1) What versions of X3 firmware and Gearbox are you using? I thought the latetst versions fully support the JTV series - but perhaps I am wrong on that.

2) I think you may have Tone 2 Locked on your X3. Check the Home Pge display. There's a little padlock icon on the bottom row. Turn the little black knob beneath it until the icon shows unlocked.

3) Pod Farm 2.0 works with the X3 only as a plugin to your DAW. It does not operate standalone - in other words it does not work by clicking on its icon. You use it in your audio recording program. If you have purchased Pod Farm 2.5 then it shoudl work standalone, but unless you bought the Pltinum version you will only have access to a subset of the amps/FX.

Re: X3 Live Problem
by blackroonsociety on 2012-02-26 07:35:36.1740

Ok Problem 2 is not a proble anymore you are right ... There is a "feature" Tone locked. The secure-Icon with a 2. No it is away... and it works. Thanks for this

The other problem with the variax is still a problem with gearbox 3.72. Everything is updated.

Re: X3 Live Problem
by afternoon on 2012-10-29 14:36:37.5480

I was scared the h*ll out when trying to restore some sounds using PC and the GearBox. It auto saved T2 to every tone in the X3. Or this is how it looked like. Only to find that the problem was that I had "locked" the T2. What does this "lock" mean?

Re: X3 Live Problem
by silverhead on 2012-10-29 15:14:33.1230

It means that Tone 2 won't change when you switch presets/patches. Very handy for vocals - you can switch guitar tones without changing your vocal tone.

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