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X3 Live Pedal Volume/Wah switching problem
by MetalMarysia on 2012-02-27 17:14:46.8580

I got my local music store to order in a used X3 Live from another location, but before I bought it I tried it out. At first there seemed to be no problem with the pedal, then I went in and changed the type of wah sound on a patch. I don't think I did anything else in there, but I'm not very familiar with the interface (my last Pod was an XT). So it was fine, tried a few wah sounds, and did not save any changes, switched patches, then noticed weird things happening with the pedal when switching from volume to wah and back again.

I'd switch to wah then back to volume, and suddenly volume acts as a wah. Then back to Wah and it's either acting as volume or a weak sort of mix of the two - like a wah pedal that quiets down when flipped down. This happened on various patches in different banks.

There didn't seem to be any logic to it -- it felt more like a defect with the pedal or computer, not a feature I'm not understanding. I don't really think it had anything to do with me tinkering with the wah types either.

I didn't buy it, and the assistant there agreed that it's a defect. But has anyone had this problem? Or, is it not a problem, but some setting I (and the assistant there) don't understand?


Re: X3 Live Pedal Volume/Wah switching problem
by MetalMarysia on 2012-02-27 19:57:07.8640

Does this have something to do with the patches that have 2 tones going at once? If this is an obviously newbie question to an easily explainable thing, then, whoops. I just didn't get the logic of it...

Re: X3 Live Pedal Volume/Wah switching problem
by silverhead on 2012-02-29 09:09:51.7670

I suspect it is normal behaviour and not a device problem. I think you are right about it being something that neither you nor the assistant understand.

It is quite possible to create presets on the X3L that cause the pedal movement to have the results you describe. In order to answer with certainty, an experienced X3L user would have to literally inspect the preset, note the pedal assignments, and determine whether the behaviour is predicted by the assignments. As a novice user the behavior would seem strange and a little weird and illogical because you might expect the pedal to behave the same way at all times. It doesn't - and that's normal as long as the preset is designed to make it behave differently.

So while I expect the previous owner defined the presets this way, and there is no problem with the device, I would still recommend that you only purchase it if you have a return policy that will give you a full refund in the event that there is a device problem. I think it would require at least several days for you to get familiar enough with the device and the flexibility of pedal assignments to satisfy yourself on this point.

If you want, you can download the X3L User Guide and investigate the pedal assignment options. You might be able to get an understanding of how a certain set of pedal assignments could cause the behaviour you observed. Go here:">">

Then select All Products in the top right corner, select hte X3, and download the X3 Advanced Guide.

Re: X3 Live Pedal Volume/Wah switching problem
by MetalMarysia on 2012-03-17 21:24:22.8690

Thanks so much for your reply.

I ended up buying a brand new X3 Live and have learned it and understand now that the pedal doesn't behave like it would for a single-tone preset when there are 2 tones in a preset. So it may have been the case.

The only thing that makes me think there may have been a problem was the randomness of the behaviour of the expression pedal. First time it would act normal volume/wah, then I'd come back to it later and the same preset would have mixed wah/volume behaviours. And even though the store clerk supposedly reset the POD, there were still patches in banks 30, 31, etc. which I know now are empty user presets in a new X3. So probably I was experiencing normal behaviour in the last user's weird 2-tone presets.

Anyway, problem solved for me as I have a new one and I'm not experiencing anything I don't understand yet.

Thanks again for your help - getting expert input made me more confident to just buy a new one (which was discounted because it's discontinued, so extra bonus for me!) Take care

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