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Up/Down Footswitch for the Pod HD
by Jcoleman25 on 2012-02-27 19:22:06.0520

I'd like to look at using the Pod HD live instead of mainstage on my Macbook Pro but I 'd need a small footswitch. My space is extremely limited when traveling so I really just want an up/down footswitch to cycle through patches. No expression. No volume control. Has anyone seen or used anything like this?

Re: Up/Down Footswitch for the Pod HD
by phil_m on 2012-02-27 20:22:15.2870

I answered you in the other thread where you asked this, but here it is again:

Are you talking about the HD bean? There's no MIDI jacks on it, so I think the smallest foot controller available is the FBV Express mkii.

Line 6 use to make a small two button controller called the FBV2 that would let you scroll through 4 presets. You may be able to get one used. I would imagine it would still work with the HD. It's jsut a very limited controller, though. WIth the Express, you'd at least have access to the tuner and the wah/volume functions.

EDIT: Actually, I guess the FBV2 hasn't been discontintued. It's still available as new.

Re: Up/Down Footswitch for the Pod HD
by Jcoleman25 on 2012-02-28 16:16:19.4760

Sorry, my browser froze up so I reposted. Didn't realize it went up.

I do mean the bean and thanks for the answer. I'll check them out.

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