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M-5 Stompbox modeler
by iris1993 on 2012-02-28 19:42:36.8180

Okay, just starting out with this.  I am using it with my electric cello.  I experimented with using the two buttons to view and select presets but now I can't seem to get back to just using my "model select button-press-for type" button  (the one you press down to get to the orange, yellow, blue green effect categories OR turn to scroll through effect types) I am worried I broke the "model select-press for type" button.  OR am I stuck in the preset mode or some function with the two big buttons? Do I have to exit something?  I can't find anything on this HELP!!!!!!  Thanks, anxious cellist..............

Re: M-5 Stompbox modeler
by phil_m on 2012-02-29 06:54:42.8900

So what do you see on your screen? Do you see the list of your presets? If so, you need to select a preset, and then once in it, the model select knob should work correctly.

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