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Jtv-89 stops working completely
by CRTsmiles on 2012-02-29 21:20:43.3620

I run the JTV-89 through an HD500 and it stops working after a couple of hours.  This happened on several occasions.  I had changed cords, powered down the HD500.  Finally I picked up a better power strip and plugged it directly in the wall socket.  Got through a 4 hour rehearsal in a room I had a previous problem and then did a 5 hour gig at a home using whatever power they had.  Again it didn't cut out.  Then I'm having a rehearsal at my home and it goes out.  I borrow the other guitarists 'spare' variax and plug into the same cord through the HD500 and it works fine.  Now I'm not sure what's going on.  When this happens you can plug in a 1/4 inch and use the pickups installed but then you don't have access to the models.  Have a serious gig coming (oxymoron?) up and I definately need some acoustic and 12 string models.  Thanks !

Re: Jtv-89 stops working completely
by Nick_Mattocks on 2012-03-01 04:40:55.4150

That is all a bit weird   However, there's a couple or three things I'd suggest:

  1. Make sure you are running the latest POD HD firmware (1.43).
  2. Power the POD from a stable power supply - a regulated power supply (i.e. Furman) would be the ideal answer but not cheap.
  3. Re-flash the guitar's flash memory.  I'm not convinced this will actually fix it, but to rule out corrupted flash memory code, you should do it anyway.
  4. Try a different VDI cable - again it may not resolve the issue, but would rule out a problem with your current cable.

There's really not a lot else that you can do without voiding your warranty on the guitar.  I'd hazard a guess that unplugging the VDI cable and re-plugging it clears the issue anyway, but if the problem persists you may have a physical hardware problem, in which case you need to take it in to your nearest authorised service centre for assessment, but with the problem being intermittent it may be harder and it might take a while to trace the issue.

If I were a betting man, I'd say that if you connect the guitar's VDI cable just before you play your set at your next gig, the guitar will work flawlessly to get you through the gig given the problem seems to only occur occasionally.  But I'm not a betting man


Re: Jtv-89 stops working completely
by CRTsmiles on 2012-03-01 21:46:17.2550


Well naturally I plugged it into the Hd500 and the Variax works.  I updated the firmware to 1.5 on the Hd500.  Updated the flash from 1.60 to 1.71.  Updated my workbench to 1.72.  Played the guitar 3 hours and it behaved correctly.  I had purchased a regulated power supply which had helped in two locations but not at my own house.  I have a rehearsal this sunday so I'll see how it goes.  I'm crossing my fingers and hope it behaves.   The worst time it went out was at an audition. Mimed two songs and then grabbed a cord and played through the pickups- luckily it was songs that required electric guitar.  Thanks for your help, Chuck 

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