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Floor Pod Plus Wah Pedal Calibration
by Metalli-Head115 on 2012-03-01 11:54:34.0570

     I have read the "Pilot's Guide" that came with my Floor Pod Plus and I understand how to Calibrate the wah pedal.  What I don't know is what I should calibrate it to.  I am a Metallica fan and want to calibrate the pedal so it's as close to Kirk Hammet's sweep or range or whatever it's called (forgive me if I use the wrong words and stuff like that) as possible.  I need to know what to set the numbers to and if you could make a video guide and give me the link that would be great.  That is all.  ANY help would be great because I don't know much about what those numbers mean at all.  Also, on a different note, if you could tell me the amp, cab, drive, gate, and all knob positions to get a sound that's as close to Metallica sound as possible.  Thanks!

Re: Floor Pod Plus Wah Pedal Calibration
by SjPedro on 2012-05-03 15:06:47.1210

Hi there! Honestly the calibration should be done just like a joystick. The 0 and 100 position right on target

What you can do to regulate the wah the way you want it is connecting your Floor Pod Plus to the pc with the vysex software and mess with the wah setting there because you'll find it to be the best way to go around it.

If you try and calibrate the pedal just thinking of it as a wah you might end up with the volume pedal setting not working so hot.

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