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Can't stablish conection between my POD HD400 and POD HD Edit software.
by vaguil235 on 2012-03-01 16:36:11.4570


My name is Andres, I have a POD HD400. I have been trying since yesterday to conect my POD to my PC via POD Edit software with no success.  I have installed Line 6 monkey because i also have a POD X3. I updated all the firmware and drivers but when i start my edit aplication it always says below "NO LINE 6 DEVICE CONECTED". No matter what i do, i have reinstalled the app, the drivers and done all that i could but no success at all. Please help me with this issue. Also i noticed that when i started to create patches myself in the POD, the sound is really awful, I have an LTD Eclipse guitar with 2 active EMG pickups but the sound i get with a Mesa Treadplate amp with the drive at max is like a fender start just with a little bit of OD. Nothing compared to my old POD X3 which has a better tone and gain with the same kind of amp at 40% of gain. Does anyone else have this kind of sound? I am starting to think that my device could have factory issues, no matter what amp do i use always sounds like this even with Hi Gain amps.

I would really appreciate your response in case that i need to return my device for technical support before the warranty expires.


Re: Can't stablish conection between my POD HD400 and POD HD Edit software.
by jimsreynolds on 2012-03-02 12:07:10.9250

You could try a factory reset ....

Power up the POD while holding down the A footswitch.   Be aware that this will reset your presets also.

How are you hooking your POD Up?  You should definitely be getting more gain than that on your treadplate by the sound of it.  I take it all cables are good and the battery for your EMGs is good also?

Re: Can't stablish conection between my POD HD400 and POD HD Edit software.
by vaguil235 on 2012-03-20 15:42:47.1450

Thanks for your response Jim, I haven't tried a reset yet, i went to the dealer to check my device first. They compared it to another POD HD 400 they had there for sale i played and tweek around with both POD's with 2 diferent guitars and couple of diferent cables. Both sounded the same way, pretty shitty i think, also the store owner who is a well known local guitarrist noticed that this Treadplate Metal distortion sounded like a light overdriven sound not heavier than a Boss SD-1. I appreciate your help but i am considering to return this POD, i have an X3 which i totaly love but i fear i am going to return this POD HD which really disapointed me.


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