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DT25/50 PODHD vs PODHD Tube Amp
by Zhorell on 2012-03-03 11:09:26.9050

Has anyone tried to compare the DT25/50 PODHD setup vs PODHD thru a standard Tube amp?

I tried my HD500 thru Randall RM22 using HD preamp models w/o cab sim, I wasn't sold the sound I was

hearing? it sounds good but not convincing..  Does it sound better with the DT25/50 setup than another Tube amp?

That said, DT25 combo is on my radar. lightweight and sounds fantastic by itself..

Re: DT25/50 PODHD vs PODHD Tube Amp
by Nick_Mattocks on 2012-03-03 12:33:42.1400

Yes.  I have a number of amps here including Marshal JVM and Marshall TSL as well as Spider Valve, Mesa Boogie mkII,  a DT-50 and DT-25.

The POD into the Marshall, Boogie, Spider Valve power amp sections sounds great, but my options are greater when using the POD with a DT-xx amp using L6 Link because the DT-xx amps can change output topologies on request from the POD giving a more realistic and wider experience.  I like using a basic Marshall sound in general, so using any of the Marshall Pre models from the POD out to a real valve Marshall power amp and cab sounds like a Marshall, but whilst I can get a good sound and a reasonably close approximation, sending a Vox AC30 PRE model to a Marshall power amp doesn't sound quite as close to the real thing as when sending the same signal to a DT-xx amp.

At the end of the day I'm more concerned about getting MY sound to sound good than necessarily getting too bogged down in being ultra accurate on getting exactly the right sound of an AC30 power amp, but given I can get closer with a DTxx amp then that's what I will use given a choice.


Re: DT25/50 PODHD vs PODHD Tube Amp
by Zhorell on 2012-03-03 14:22:43.6910

Thanks Nick,

My guess is that Randall's power amp with EL84 sounds better with Vox's Pre  (cleans to mid gain) from HD500 than with slamming Hi-Gain Pre. then again the DT25 (EL84) demo I hear from youtube sound amazing even with hi-gain models..

Re: DT25/50 PODHD vs PODHD Tube Amp
by Nick_Mattocks on 2012-03-04 03:31:59.2960

There's absolutely no doubt the HD500 into a DT-xx sounds amazing - I have both a DT-50 212 combo and the same DT-25 head and matching 1x12 cab you'll have probably seen in the Andertons clips on YouTube.  My main concern was that the DT-25 wouldn't be loud enough for most small/medium venue situations - wrong! And that it wouldn't deliver enough bottom end punch - wrong! Wrong on both counts and happily so too

Re: DT25/50 PODHD vs PODHD Tube Amp
by benbutterworth on 2012-03-04 10:05:48.7770

Hi Nick,

I have an HD500 and a Hughes & Kettner Switchblade 50w combo. The switchblade is an awesome amp, but I guess a bit of G.A.S. is getting me itchy to see what I can get next. It is irritating having to set levels with the Switchblade all the time (HD500 power amps have to be turned off otherwise it starts to get just too loud!) so I have a couple of questions about the DT25/50 before I jump in and get one.

1. Do you still have to turn off the power amps in the HD500 when connected to a DT**? Or do things otherwise just get too loud? Or do the power amps adjust accordingly?

2. If I connect via L6 link, do I plug into the HD500 or direct into the amp? If I'm plugged into the HD500 and just want to use the amp (bypass the HD500) do I lose sound quality? I've not been impressed with the HD500 bypass signal. OR is this not relevant because the DT25/50 uses an amp model that the HD500 recognises?

3. Can I plug straight into the amp (to use some boutique pedals, e.g. Barber TonePress, Way Huge fuzz and Fulltone OCD) and still connect via L6, do I retain all the functionality between the HD500 DT50? Can I still use all the amp voicings from the HD500, or am I only able to use the four voicings of the DT50?

Ideally I would like to still be able to step on a boutique pedal or two and this sound not be coloured by the HD500?

4. Can I still adjust the topology of the amp (using the switches on the front) to achieve a slightly different sound from E.g. AC30 preset and this will be changed on the HD500? Or does the HD500 override the topology of the amp?

5. If I switch to channel B on the amp, can this be used as a different voicing?

Being a little old school I'm a bit of a tone/true bypass kind of guy!!

I want flexibility between the power of the HD500 and the joined up approach with the DT**, but I want to stillbe able to use my boutique pedals. E.g., not keen on the compressors in the HD500.



Re: DT25/50 PODHD vs PODHD Tube Amp
by Nick_Mattocks on 2012-03-04 10:57:25.4450

Hi Ben

Well the HD500 is designed to utilise its PRE amp models with the DT-xx series amps and these work well with other valve power amp sections too in my experience.  No matter whether you use the HD500's FULL amp models or its PRE amp models the output levels at default can vary and you always need to control your required output level with the Volume control for each amp model.

You can't turn off the power amps in the HD500.  You can choose to use amp modelling or not though.  You can use FULL amp models or PRE amp models and you can switch off cab modelling with both FULL and PRE amp models.

I'm not sure how your H&K's Master Volume is wired, but if I use a DT-xx or one of my Marshall heads the amp's master volume has the last word on how loud I'm going to be at maximum. Not all amps work this way though and you have to use the HD500 Master control (note the HD500 Master control has no effect when connecting to a DT-xx by L6 Link).

  1. The DT-xx works as the power amp section and the HD500 works as the pre-amp section. You would ideally use PRE amp models in the HD500 as that is the point of the combination.
  2. With the HD500 and any amp you normally plug the guitar into the HD500, although if you are using the HD500 for FX only you might put the whole HD500 in the amp's FX loop in which case you would plug into your amp
  3. You can insert external FX between the guitar and POD or in the POD's FX loop and the amp when using L6 Link, or you could use the 4 cable method and not use L6 Link at all
  4. When using L6 Link, the HD500 controls the output topologies which are in the DT-xx.  The HD500 doesn't have 'topologies' as such but it does have amp modelling.
  5. If you use no amp model or turn off the amp model in the HD500, the DT-xx will switch to channel B anyway and you can control how it sounds using the channel B knobs on the DT-xx front panel

The HD500 doesn't do True Bypass, but rather buffered bypass.  You can use external pedals with the HD500

I think you could probably do with checking out the HD500 and DT-xx amp partnership at a local dealership to get a better grasp of exactly how the two can work together and what the signal path actually is.  It can get complicated


Re: DT25/50 PODHD vs PODHD Tube Amp
by benbutterworth on 2012-03-04 11:57:04.7760

Thanks Nick, much appreciated.

I think the issue I have is how different/better the sound would be over what I already have. I use the HD500 primarily for amp modelling (beyond the voices I have on the switchblade, which are very good indeed) and I think the DT** may just be too close in type to my switchblade (four similarly voiced channels) that it's not worth bothering with. With my current setup, which is more of a hybrid, with boutique pedals, the HD500 isn't the brains. Having said that, running two DT**'s in stereo does have a lot of appeal!

I'll give one a listen locally.



Re: DT25/50 PODHD vs PODHD Tube Amp
by benbutterworth on 2012-03-07 09:05:59.0760

Hi Nick,

So I tried the DT25 and DT50 today (without HD500). Great sounds, but my only real gripe is the massive discrepancies between channel volume and really having to max out channel 2 to get that Park sound distorting.  Any thoughts on how volume between voivings can boot loosely matched? That's one massive os about my Switchblade, volumes much pretty well when simply switching. Does the HD500 improve integration and continuity? Obvioulyt there is bound to be some difference when switching, after all a Class A sound is not going to have the powerof A/B. but I was disappointed as to how things had to be continually tweaked!



Re: DT25/50 PODHD vs PODHD Tube Amp
by benbutterworth on 2012-03-07 09:37:26.8950

I should point out my last post was via an iPad, h

ence the typos.

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