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Need Help With Input Socket
by Restayvien on 2012-03-04 06:04:31.2780

When I unplugged my guitar from the amp the socket just fell back inside the amp leaving a little round hole in the front panel. I've looked at taking the back panel off but this doesn't seem possible (there are a ton of screws holding it in which I cannot unscrew because there's no room for a screwdriver).

I'm actually looking to sell this amp but obviously in it's current condition I'd get practically nothing for it, even though it would still work fine if you could plug the guitar into it. I reckon the cost of shipping it off to be repaired plus the cost of repair itself would make the wjhole effort pointless too.

So I guess the questions are -

- Is there a way to get into the housing where the socket has retreated to?

- If not, what is the cheapest way to get it repaired? The store where I bought it closed a while back.

I'm going to check to see if this is still covered by warranty as I've only had it a couple of years and not used it heavily, but I thought I'd post here in advance.



Re: Need Help With Input Socket
by jjack972 on 2012-03-16 21:35:34.0420

What model is your amp?

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