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Pod Farm won't stay authorized
by jeremiahhorner on 2012-03-04 12:46:55.4590

I have used Line6 products for a while.  I recently purchased a new DAW and went all 64bit.  I installed Pod Farm 2.5 and updated everything, authorized all the software including model packs just as I have in the past.  When try to use the plugin in Sonar, it'll work for a few minutes then start telling me that it isn't authorized and stop working.  If I restart, sometimes everything will work for a bit (under the Pod Farm plugin info page it says that all the model packs are authorized) then it'll quit.  Other times, it will appear to work, the status page says everything is authorized and I have access to all the model packs but the emulations don't affect the sound.  Also, the plugin is loading VEEEEEERY slow.  It takes almost 30sec to load a preset which didn't happen even on the MUCH slower machine I had before.  Help!  :-)  Thanks.

Re: Pod Farm won't stay authorized
by jeremiahhorner on 2012-03-04 18:44:44.8550

My computer has some "3x Power" USB ports.  I took my Line6 DI out of one of those and plugged it into a regular USB 3.0 port and everthing went back to normal.  Coincidence?  Oh well...

Re: Pod Farm won't stay authorized
by Line6Don on 2012-03-15 15:20:33.8920

Has POD Farm continued to stay authorized using the regular USB 3.0 port?

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