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X3 Pro headphone out fuzz?!
by ab118 on 2012-03-04 13:56:01.4980

Sup guys

I owned an X3 bean for about a year and recently sold it to upgrade to a Pro model. I recorded by connecting the X3 to my PC via USB and ran speakers out of the headphone out and it worked flawlessly for the whole time i owned it. Now i have an X3 Pro, set up exactly the same way and i get some weird frequency fuzz/ crackling through the headphone out, but its really weird for a number of reasons.

It only happens during some tones, mostly clean and rarely on high gain tones but im not sure if the distorted tones are just covering the frequencies? Every audio sauce i play (itunes, winamp, chrome, firefox) it happens. When i open my DAW and playback some tracks i recorded with my previous X3 Bean it does it. But heres the really weird thing, if i record a guitar part with a current tone, even if its fuzzing normally, it sounds perfect?!

And just to make it worse, its always fine when i plug my headphones in, it never happens, even through my cab it doesnt do it??!?!

Im utterly mind boggled by this, every possible scnario i can think of doesnt explain what is wrong.

It cant be the speakers because they're fine with everything else

It cant be the cable connecting the speakers to the POD as i swapped it out on my headphones and they're still fine

It cant be the POD because it works flawlessly through any other speaker

On the verge of throwing myself off a building, can anyone help me out at all please?


Re: X3 Pro headphone out fuzz?!
by ab118 on 2012-03-07 11:19:34.5210

No one can help me?!

Come on guys im in dire need of some advise, iv tried everything!!

Re: X3 Pro headphone out fuzz?!
by jessysons on 2013-01-26 20:59:23.6440


I'm having the same issues..

Re: X3 Pro headphone out fuzz?!
by silverhead on 2013-01-27 06:30:43.7370

It sounds to me like there is a hardware failure with the Phones jack on the X3. I would take it for servicing.

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