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M5 flashing on start up. Clicking sound, not working.
by mycallandrooz on 2012-03-04 15:08:54.9390


I've looked a few threads about this, but it seems when you reply to them, you don't receive much attention.

I have an M5, which I purchased less than a year ago. I am using the original power supply and have never used anything else. The unit is up to date with firmware and I recently factory reset the whole thing. In the past few weeks, upon start up the unit flashes on the screen, makes a clicking sound, and never turns on. Usually after a series of unplugging/plugging it will eventually work. The problem also occurs when I use the two switches to switch to presets. I depend on this unit for live shows and it is starting to make practicing impossible without issue.

Tech support. Please help.

Re: M5 flashing on start up. Clicking sound, not working.
by mycallandrooz on 2012-03-20 18:14:57.5110

Really stoked on the support I've received about this. I can't even get the pedal to work now. The screen boots up solid blue and does not turn on at all. I have it plugged into my computer to see if it's a software issue and it's not even reading through my MIDI device now.

So someone who posted about rubber feet gets a ticket open, but a legit issue gets ignored. Thanks Line 6.

Re: M5 flashing on start up. Clicking sound, not working.
by cosmojones on 2012-11-03 12:02:50.3090

OK - here's the issue (you can find it on several other posts): M5 won't boot, rapidly switches on and off, often reboots when you step on it, often people send it back with no solution, etc.

Mine started acting up almost immediately and the problem is intermittent - I've gotten no real response from anyone, and now it's out of warrenty - SO I TOOK IT APART.

I am a trained electronics technician and here's what I believe is wrong with it - it's a relatively easy fix, I believe it's a grounding issue. This is what I've done and it now appears to be working:

1. Remove the 4 rubber feet and their screws. Also remove the countersunk screw on the side holding the MIDI port.

2. Go to a hardware store and get new UNPAINTED replacements - throw the rubber feet away along with all the painted screws.

3. Take sandpaper or a file or a knife and either scrape or sand away the paint from all wholes underneath where the screws will touch. I used a knife to scrape away and a drill bit held in my hand to shine up the surfaces. Those who are more intrepid might want to take the entire back off and shine up the surfaces where the grounding lugs touch the chassis. Do not get filings into the circuit board.

4. Snug up all screws with the new unpainted screw making sure all screws are now making metal to metal contacts.

I believe the power supply is grounded through the chassis. Stepping on the pedal squishes the rubber feet breaking the contact of the circuit board studs to the chassis. Good luck. Mine now works.

Re: M5 flashing on start up. Clicking sound, not working.
by ralera on 2013-01-08 09:26:49.2910

Just got one of these last week (1/4/2013) and it does the same thing. Hard to beleive this is still an issue and hasn't been corrected. I think you've nailed the diagnosis because I don't have problems when I engagned the swithces by hand. However, when I step on it,  the unit does unpredictable things: reboot, volume decrese/increase, all kinds of wierd stuff. Mines still in warranty so hopefully this will get the attention of Line6 to come up with a perminant fix for these issues. Good Job on the troubleshooting!

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