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JTV69 alternate tuning problem : Check your tremolo springs
by phr014 on 2012-03-07 13:20:19.5330


I was encoutenring alternate tuning problems as described in previous threads :,

Typicaly with DADGAD Tuning , T-model , position 3

I opened the back plate of my Korean JTV : by dampening  the 3 springs with the fingers, the problem vanished.

By close looking at the springs, they had inside a folded foam tape strip (see picture). As the guitar is a first hand one, theses strips were intentionaly inserted by Line 6 in the springs for noise reducing, I suppose


Unfortunately for me , they did not correctly the job


I chose to insert inside each spring a small rubber tube : The noise have so far disappeared, but don't know how long it will last

Anyway , my personnal analysis is : No use to spend time with reflashing , intonation fine tuning , etc, : Check (or have it checked by your dealer) the hardware

Hope it could help some of you

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