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Flextone II wah with ground control midi controller
by wykyd1 on 2012-03-07 22:26:03.9670

I have a flextone II hd  controlled with a voodoo labs ground control pro. I am using the internal wah effect of the flextone. I would like to set up my controller for one preset with the wah effect and  another preset without the wah effect so at the push of a single button i turn the wah on/off depending on what preset I am at. The problem i'm running into is when i go to the preset with the wah effect then swith over to the preset without it, the wah effect is still present  without the treadle doing anything. So its a wah effect stuck in the toe down or up position. What is the midi cc command to either bypass the wah completely or simply turn it off? My manual says that midi control number 43 turns the effect on or off, butprogrammed to either preset, cc 43 still leaves the expression pedal operational. It doesn't necessarily control the wah position at that point any more, just kinda switches between two different wah frequencies. Any body know how to tell the flextone to bypass the wah completely via midi?

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