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Mobile in (guitar) software/ hardware ..... not sure which one?
by crosseyedwillie on 2012-03-08 11:28:45.2010

Just bought an iphone and imediately went out searching for an iphone practice amp. Even though line 6 was about $40.00 more than IK media or Peavey bottom line there product sounded better and got more amp amd pedal options then the other two.

The only problem I cam across is that I like to practice soloing over jam tracks. If I go into my itunes in the phone one I activate the pod software the song goes off. If I take another unit (my ipod) and patch that through the second "line in" unfortunately the background music is mixed through the amp. So If i had a JCM 800 on overdrive, so is the background track?

Is there any way to play my distorted guitar sound but get my background track unaltered? It's bypassed on those mini-pods and I was hoping this ipod version would be the same but obviously not?

Re: Mobile in (guitar) software/ hardware ..... not sure which one?
by Line6Don on 2012-03-08 14:40:19.1190

Both inputs are not active at the same time, so you can only use the guitar in or the stereo line in at a time. So you will not be able to connect your guitar to the guitar input and the other ipod into the stereo line input at the same time.

We currently have a work around to let you play along with your itune library.

First launch the iTunes app and select the song you want to play along with, press play to start playing song. Press the home button once to exit the iTunes app. Then make sure your Mobile In adaptor is connected and launch the Mobile POD app, audio playback from iTunes will fade out as the Mobile POD app launches. After Mobile POD finishes loading, double press home button to view your currently running applications, swipe your finger to the right to access the iTunes player controls. Press the play button to resume playback of the song you previously selected in iTunes®. Once the playback has started tap the home button one more time to return to the Mobile POD app.

The information above may not be current, and you should direct questions to the current forum or review the manual.