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Line 6 Mobile In Quality VS Dedicated Line 6 Hardware
by bhamnerky on 2012-03-08 13:16:40.0180

I have been using a Line 6 POD XT Live for a while and I am considering moving to a mobile iPad solution for some live performance venues. I have experimented with Amplitube and a few others. It is impressive what kind of sounds you can get out of a mobile phone/tablet. However, the sound of them is not quite up to the dedicated Line 6 devices. I haven't tested the line 6 Mobile In solution because you have to have the $80 adaptor. Does anyone have experience and could compare and contrast the amp and pedal models from a sound quaility perspective Line 6 Mobile In VS Line 6 POD HW.

Re: Line 6 Mobile In Quality VS Dedicated Line 6 Hardware
by silverhead on 2012-03-08 13:53:52.4570

I'm not sure I understand your question. The Mobile In is just a hardware interface; it does not produce audio. Its incoming signal is simply passed to the connected processor. The POD HW is a special purpose DSP machine using current state-of-the-art hardware, RAM, and DSP technology designed to produce the highest possible audio quality within constraints to meet a target market price. You can't compare the two. While the Mobile In adapter is high quality, it still is not doing any audio processing.

I think what you are really interested in is the sound quality comparison between the POD HD and the mobile device (iPhone, iPad, ...) on which the Mobile App runs. It's the Mobile App, running on the device to which the Mobile In is connected, that actually produces the sound. And these mobile devices, while arguably in a similar price range to the POD HD, are not primarily designed as DSP machines. They are primarily designed as celll phones and/or Internet browsers packaged with general purpose hardware/software to run a range of apps. I'm not surprised that you notice a difference with Amplitube, etc. running on mobile devices.

I would expect the POD HD to win any such comparison hands down. I don't expect the Line 6 Mobile App to sound as good as a POD processor either. But perhaps the casual listener won't actually hear much difference, especially through earbuds.

Re: Line 6 Mobile In Quality VS Dedicated Line 6 Hardware
by Line6Don on 2012-03-09 14:24:35.6690

The Mobile In combined with the Mobile POD sounds exactly the same as a POD 2.0 or PocketPOD, making it an extraordinary value especially considering the bundled tone library and ability to visually setup all your tones.

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