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JTV 69 won't accept power from HD500
by moonmusic on 2012-03-09 04:26:55.1680

I bought a new JTV 69 from Guitar Center in NYC yesterday.  First of all, when I took the guitar out of it's soft case, I found that there were scratches below the tone knobs.  Not terrible gashes but still when you buy a new guitar, I would think there wouldn't be any scratches.

More so the problem is that when I connect the JTV 69 to my HD500 via the VDI cable, there is no power supplied to the guitar even though the JTV 69 manual says that the HD500 will power the guitar.  You hear the magnetic pickups coming through this connection but pushing the model selector button has no effect.  I have an old Variax 300 which powers from the HD500 using the VDI cable so I know the HD500 works though I should say that the Variax 300 sounds warbly through the VDI connection so I just use it ot power the 300 while I connect a guitar cable for sound instead.  So as far as powering the JTV, am I missing something here?  I am waiting for the JTV battery to charge to try this out but for home use I want to power the guitar via the HD500.

I'm wondering if it's possible that this could be an issue with the HD500.  I've tried two different VDI cables with the HD500 and my Variax 300 sound warbles through the connection but at least receives power.  The sound on the 300 is fine through the 1/4" conneciton to the HD500 while being powered via the VDI connection.  I would think the JTV would at least power via the HD500 since the Variax 300 powers up.

Any ideas?

Re: JTV 69 won't accept power from HD500
by jyflorida on 2012-03-09 05:09:05.0380

It's possible the knob is pushed too far down on the shaft.  Check this thread out and see if it helps you out...

Re: JTV 69 won't accept power from HD500
by Line6Hugo on 2012-03-28 11:43:10.9220

Have you found out if the guitar will power on with the battery by itself and using a 1/4" cable connection to the POD?

Also, please make sure to have Variax Ch1 or Variax Ch 2 selected as the input source for the POD HD500 while trying this out.



Re: JTV 69 won't accept power from HD500
by Line6Hugo on 2012-04-05 15:31:52.0510


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