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Anyone pre order the new iPad ?
by Colin2113 on 2012-03-09 21:18:28.5640

That update to garage band where you can have a live jam session with 4 people at the same time looks really cool. It's my first iPad so I'm pretty excited for next Friday. I know Riffworks has that feature and I have it so if anyone wants to jam out on Riffworks (anytime) or Garageband (next friday) let me know I'm always down.

Check out the video of the ipad controlling Reason. The ipad is basically the controller.

Also, anyone know or hear anything about line 6 possibly making another app or integrating the ipad into the dream rig somehow?

Or would the ipad with the mobile keys be able to integrate withe the dream rig like pressing a key to trigger a sample ?

Re: Anyone pre order the new iPad ?
by Colin2113 on 2012-03-18 19:02:58.1010

Guess not just me I got it and it's ridiculous. I'm using the L6 mobile in and the retina display is just incredible. The post about the dual display controlling the dream rig does work btw. So yes, with some work, you can control HD Edit with the iPad but do your research. The iPad app makes the iPad act as an extension of your original mac or PC display so when you move the HD edit window into the iPad you can use the iPad touch screen as your mouse to change parameters.

But I'm digging the mobile in on the new iPad a lot.

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