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Line 6 Monkey - no devices detected
by asthesunsets on 2012-03-10 15:08:47.2400


Yeah so i bought the POD Studio UX1 today, tried to install it but can't seem to get POD farm 2 to work. I use REAPER to record and the VSTs just keep telling me I don't have any authorized devices or whatever. But I do.

So yeah anyways here's a few screenshots of things i keep getting.

1.png See? it says like AUTHORIZED: YES. So, yeah.

2.png Yeah I bought a pod studio ux1 and it's not on that list.

3.png Yeah i know it's not on the list

I'm getting really sick of it, i'm just gonna go for a cracked podfarm i guess. This is one of the few times that i actually buy software, and it's just wasting my time.

Anyways, if anybody has a solution for my problem, it would be greatly appreciated (and yes i've download all the drivers, downloaded latest license manager, even that monkeywhatever).

Sorry if i come across as angry, it's just really annoying.

Peace !

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