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Flextone iii plus question on custom tones. Software.
by rdanw on 2012-03-11 09:11:50.2120

I recently bought a flextone iii plus secondhand and after getting to know it a bit I downloaded the software, but before doing anything I browsed all 28 pages here and I had a few specific questions.

1. I tried installing a custom tone and it locked up the amp, so I searched and found out how to reset it, so I'm good there. But how do I know if a tone will lock up the amp? I tried 1 in edit mode and it locked it. I tried another in the same way and same result. Is there a good way to see if a tone is good?

2. I see a software called TWEAK(something) should this be used as a better alternative?

3. If you are not supposed to use monkey to backup your tones, what should you use? The LINE 6 edit and get them all individually?

4. With this tweaking of the tones, what's the possibility that I will kill the amp? I just saw a few horror stories and wanted to make sure that me constantly resetting the amp won't damage it.

5. Is this the best forum to use for the Flextone 3 or is there one that is more active?

I apologize for the. newbish level of questions,but I just want to be sure.


Re: Flextone iii plus question on custom tones. Software.
by michaedr on 2012-03-13 06:10:31.1770

I don't have a lot for you.  I've had the same Flextone since 07 so I might be able to give you a little insight.

1. I've never had that problem myself.  Some tones are made by users of other equipment.  Usually it suggests something comparable.

2. Heard of TWEAK, but haven't used it.

3. I use the Line 6 Edit program.  (monkey is just to update your firmware I believe)  To backup your tones, you can back them all up as a bundle.  Then you can retrieve a saved bundle in the software.

4. I don't think you'll "kill" your amp tweaking the tones.  I've spent plenty of time messing with the tones with no problem.

5. I would think that this is the best option.  But there is always Google to check for others.

Re: Flextone iii plus question on custom tones. Software.
by rdanw on 2012-03-13 13:08:32.6550

Well, I gave a few things a try with version 3 and ended up locking up the amp to where it wouldn't power. I then uninstalled version 3 and went to version 2.03. I can now at least put tones on the amp, but after I do that I can no longer connect to the amp unless I factory reset. Just wondering if I have a dud in regards to the tone uploads or if I need to reflash the software.

Re: Flextone iii plus question on custom tones. Software.
by darealagentp on 2012-03-23 10:50:41.1050

Line 6 Edit 3.04 is the correct patch/tone editor program.

Windows Installer:

Mac Installer:

I'm not sure what was causing the lack of communication to your amp, but keep in mind that since you're required to use a 3rd party MIDI-to-USB hardware interface for the physicall connection, that could be a point of issue to consider (i.e. make sure you have the manufacturer's most current device driver installed). Have you tried all the other USB ports on your host computer to connect the interface to your amp with?

Lastly, with any used gear purchase, there's always the chance of an internal issue with hardware components that we wouldn't know about, given the unit's prior history of usage, etc. Hopefully the MIDI In/Out ports and comm bus are okay. If there's a component issue internally, this could obviously contribute to communication problems when trying to access a software editing program on a host computer via MIDI. The software editor is but just one part of the equation.

P.S. Make sure that the patches/tone files you've downloaded are for the Flextone III, of course.

Re: Flextone iii plus question on custom tones. Software.
by rdanw on 2012-03-30 16:08:40.5900

Will double check, but I was pretty sure I was only getting ft3 tones.

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