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Floor POD Plus Inputs
by SjPedro on 2012-03-15 07:06:16.4050

Hello there POD-Geniuses

I recently adquired a used Line 6 POD Plus that should arrive in my hands by Saturday and I would like to know the following:

Is it possible to connect the output of the POD Plus in two different locations?

Here is what I mean: I want to connect the Mono output to the amp to use it kind of like a monitor and the stereo to a PA system. Is this possible?


Re: Floor POD Plus Inputs
by laplayantonio on 2012-03-21 05:32:15.1780

olá pedro

I'm sorry, but the FloorPod+ only has a stereo out, see

of course, you can plug one channel to your amp an the other to your PA, or, if you use DI boxes to send it to the PA, simply plug your amp to one of the DI's direct out


Re: Floor POD Plus Inputs
by SjPedro on 2012-03-21 07:49:03.2220

thanks line6antonio!

Next on my to do list is how to get the best sound possible out of my Spider III. I am using the Green Clean Channel and everything turned to 12 o'clock.

the only sound I am not getting right seems to be my rythm  distortion.
A subject for a different thread I guess


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