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Trouble finding the Pod Farm VST file.
by lloydadelaide on 2012-03-17 06:56:10.1240

I'm currently running Pod Farm 2.5 through my UX2. Everything is up to date (checked and updated with monkey!) The stand-alone is working perfectly but if I try to open it up in Cubase as a VST there is no audio coming through. I've seen in a few forums that I should check to see if the vst file is in the right place on my Mac and I can't find it anywhere! (Libary>Audio>Plug-Ins>VST>...) There is no Pod Farm file there, in fact there is no file there at all! I've uninstalled everything and downloaded again from your website but still to no avail.


Re: Trouble finding the Pod Farm VST file.
by Line6Don on 2012-03-22 15:54:27.7740

Reference the screen shot below, as it illustrates the selection you need to make to install plugin extension of POD Farm 2.51:


After you select the plugin's to be installed, you will the following page prompting you to select where you would like to install the POD Farm VST to. Typically people can install to this location, within the DAW you will need to re-search for plugins and point the DAW to look at this location in order to add the POD Farm VST.


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