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only one color on fx1 2 and 3?
by mennace on 2012-03-17 12:47:48.7100

ive had my amp for about 2 weeks now. the learning curve dor this seems to be overwhelming at times. when i first bought the amp as i turned the fx knob ther was a blue, then amber i rotated the knob.  i got my update and tried to out a third ( supposedly lights in purple) now i only have amber when i rotate the knbs, on  a b c or d and even manual. also the amp is really lod on a b c or d and when i switch to manual  the volume is about 10 percent. ( i can turn the volume master all the way up and its not that loud. what gives?? i did a factory reset on the amp  sider 112 valve and a reset on the mkII shortboard and the problem is still there..

1. how do i get  fx1 2 and 3 to show both colors  again and the third color?

Re: only one color on fx1 2 and 3?
by darealagentp on 2012-03-20 11:00:32.6640

1. Turn one of the FX knobs.

2. Whichever "1/3rd" the LED represents, quickly turn the "Presets" knob left or right within 3-5 seconds after step #1.

3. You should be seeing the LED change between: Amber, Blue or Violet to represent the different FX group within the FX knob category you first engaged in step #1.

Re: only one color on fx1 2 and 3?
by mennace on 2012-03-21 01:20:39.5290

thanks will try it out and let you knoww.. btw are there "tones" available for the m13 like there are for pods. with the scenes already setup?

Re: only one color on fx1 2 and 3?
by mennace on 2012-03-22 01:21:25.7710

tried it out. i recall when the amp was new out of the box.  the colors went from amber to blue on each of the three settings (for a total of 6 setting on a full knob rotation) . even though i can change the setting for each perameter, i get only one setting only one light of my choosing, , not 2 or three for each perameter   they still only show one setting

9Color)  before goingto the next perameter. . i thought i would get 9 setting on each effects knob rotate not three, am  i correct?. when i recieved the amp i got 2 colors for each setting for a total of 6,on each effects full rotation with the firmware update ishould be able to a dd a third colr ,, puprple,, to the mix thus having the lights turn from amber to blue to purple before getting to the second perameter in the setting for a total of 12 for each complete rotation for each fx knod (3 knobs should give you 32 selecions, I only get 9 for all three). i did what yousaid, and i can change the colr  from amber to blue but it r\emains on the color i place and does not have the abilkity to add a seconf ]d color. it so i only get three, not 12 settings for each commplete rotation.should i call tech support?

Re: only one color on fx1 2 and 3?
by darealagentp on 2012-03-23 11:26:49.3290

We spoke together on the phone yesterday... hopefully everything makes better sense now!

Re: only one color on fx1 2 and 3?
by mennace on 2012-03-26 18:21:30.3320

basicaaly the firmware before the update gave you three options to go to right away determined by color 3 for each effects for a total of 9 memorized effectsfor each effects nob  easy to get to  for each effects  fx1 fx2 and fx3. now with the update they did away with this for no apparent reason and didnt notify anyone of the change. i think it was a pretty stupid move going from presets  to no presets for no apparent reason, hope they correct the error soon. its a bothersome problem when you are palying with friends and have to telll everyone to stop playing your song so you can move from fuzz face to red comp a 8 minute ordeal when before you could just turn a knob in 3/5 of a second.. doesnt make any sense at all

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