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LD400 pro not very loud
by Jbaker92 on 2012-03-18 06:33:23.4840

I just bought the LD400 pro and it doesn't seem very loud. i have been playing in a band for about a month or so and we have just been playing in the basement since this is all of our first time in a band and the guitarist is powering through two 50 watt amps that have 4 speakers in them and he is playing full volume and i have my 400 watt set up with 2 10" speakers but for having 400 watts i have to play full volume just to hear me. now i don't know much about setups so i don't know if it is something i am doing wrong or if it just the nature of the beast, but i have noticed that my cord has been stepped on so the end is bent and stem is loose, i have not yet got a replacement but i have been using that cord the whole time so could that be it. plus i was wondering if it is the number of speakers we are playing through, because he has 8 6" and i have 2 10" but with the LD400 pro i think that there is a plug in the back called "extension speaker output" is that where i can hook up the line 6 410 cabinet? i was just looking for information, if it's could be a cord, the number of speakers, or just the way it is; i just want to learn this stuff. also looking at the book it says, "connect only to AC power outlets rated 100-120V or 200-240V 47-63Hz (depending on voltage range of the unit; refer to back panel)" now i have not looked at what is says and i down have it at home right now but i just figured it was a regular amp and plugged into the house outlet, so i don't know what is going on there.

Re: LD400 pro not very loud
by mosanty on 2012-03-19 17:19:55.7870

I used one of these for years and had no problems (using the heads now).  The best bits of advice : 

A: Never depend on your presets. Take the amp home, set the thing up the way you want it, and run with the ball. Also check that the compressor is not set incorrectly - will make a huge difference.

B: You should NEVER use a bent chord on your amp, as it leaves it open to shorts. Depending on where it was when it was bent - you might want to have the input jack of the amp checked to make sure it still has good contact.

C: Yes - the extention cab jack is where you would hook up another cab, - Just make sure that you dont run anything under 4 ohms - or you risk dammage.

if this has not effect - your guitarist is playing too damn loud. Make him turn his ass down (they all do it), and remember that you can run your camp direct to the PA also to help cut thru.


Re: LD400 pro not very loud
by Jbaker92 on 2012-03-19 17:41:12.7620

the cord is bent right at the base i think the amp is good, but before i took it or to his house i played it at home once with a different cord and when i had the volume half way it was really loud (but that was by myself) i don't know if it is just in my head that is was louder or if it really was but i will be getting a new cord before i play next. i think the guitarist plays way to f-ing loud, i told him to turn it down and he said, "what fun is that" but whatever i guess. now when yo talk about presets i have it on clean and then my drive, bass, mids, treble, chan vol are all the way up and my opto comp is 3/4 plus i have my deep on and my "A" blinks. it says something about manual mode is that the way to go??

Re: LD400 pro not very loud
by steveruss on 2012-05-08 04:16:43.5650

No need to have your EQ's settings all the way up, that won't necessarily help. Your A blinks because you have moved from a preset to manual mode by adjusting. If you find a setting you like, press and hold your "A" and it will stop blinking as it will be defined to present settings.

That advice aside, I recently bought an LD400 and I am disappointed with it's alleged LOUDNESS.

I have been playing in bands for sometime and play with good guitarists where there is no competition for volume! Previously I was using a Hartke 3500 head and 4 x 10 Hartke cab which was great and was never found wanting on the volume front, but the cab started to rattle a bit so I decided to retire it and replace with the LD400 based upon some great reviews. I am now seriously considering reverting and offloading the LD400. It just does not have the nuts, I am afraid, and my comparison is a direct one - same musicians, songs, venues etc....  a recent wedding gig on a carpeted floor forced me to rock up to the MAX on both Channel and Master vol simply to reach across the room (which wasn't massive) and keep up with the relative volume of the overall band output. I'm not particularly one for fancy effects so with the volume situation being disappointing the LD400 has little left to please me, sadly, despite there being some plus points with the unit.

Aside from being found wanting on the volume front, it's also just too damn heavy. Shame, really, because it does have terrific sounds.

Re: LD400 pro not very loud
by TheRealZap on 2012-05-08 04:23:22.9550

i too have the LD400, and wish it was louder... particularly on more clean settings... it can get pretty loud once you start using the drive on the grind mode or whatever...

just not what i'm looking for... considering getting an extension cab (i think you can only go 8ohm on those) but haven't decided one way or the other.

it was kind of heavy... but came with casters so it was manageable to me.

Re: LD400 pro not very loud
by Baker69 on 2012-07-07 13:14:44.8260

Guys, what is all this about the LD400 not being very loud????

I can never have my volume above about a third of the way up otherwise I would drown out all the other band members and we are a reasonably loud band. Even at a quarter volume I am on the borderline of being asked to turn down.

A lot of bands experience this, basically everyone in your bands are trying to 'outdo' everyone in order that they can just hear themselves, it's just a never-ending escalating battle which guitarists usually end up winning as high frequencies are pereceptibly louder.

Really the guitarists need to come down in volume which in turn will lead to the drummer coming down in volume as he hasn't got to hit the things so hard as to hear himself over the guitarist. When all this is done you should find things a lot more manageable!

But seriously, and going back to the original point, the LD400 is more than loud enough for most situations, if you find it isn't then you are indeed in a VERY loud band and either you need a bigger back-line bass rig or try an additional speaker cab (such as the add-on cab for the LD400), or join a band where your fellow musicians play at a sensible and realistic stage level and play as a team and not as individuals.

Re: LD400 pro not very loud
by ldmadness on 2013-04-21 15:44:44.5530

The LD400 is mega loud and powerful !  What's up with you guys that are having volume problems?  Check your settings, cables and basses. Learn how to use this amp - it ain't no peevey noise box.

My LD is LOUDER than my Ampeg Blue Line SVT and is more than enough for everything from loud blues to heavy metal. 

Re: LD400 pro not very loud
by TheRealZap on 2013-04-21 16:57:52.0790

the thing gets crazy loud with the gain... but it doesn't do the clean no gain sound as loud as i'd like... don't care much for gain on my bass rig.

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