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Syncing PocketPOD presets not sucessfull
by BuddhaMaster on 2012-03-18 12:26:02.3570

I managed to rename some presets on my Pocket POD.

I cannot get it working since then.

I like completely empy the USER bank, to create my own presets.

Upon pressing 'Sync', either its not starting at all. Or it works for the first 4 presets and then stalls.

Ultimately nothing happens at all.

It once worked before. There must be a problem with the midi in/out ports.

How eactly must I set this up?

There is one USB Audio Device on the left. After launching AutoSens, another copy will appear on the right sidee (where is CP1, CP2 etc).

I think midi in (Pocket Pod) is detected, but trying to send to the wrong device (midi out). How can I set up midi out ?

Re: Syncing PocketPOD presets not sucessfull
by BuddhaMaster on 2012-03-29 05:18:44.9620

It's now working, I uninstalled all legacy USB devices. Deinstalled / Reinstalled Vyzex Editor.

And then plugged it into another USB port (on the backside of my computer, instead onthe front).

It's now working and I sucessfully replaced all presets with empy ones (cleaned) and created new ones.

Problem solved

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