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POD X3 SPDIF Clock (Fireface 800)
by JimmyFingers on 2012-03-20 07:08:16.3140

Is there a way to set the POD X3 to clock to my Fireface 800 like my POD XT Pro does?

It's set to match studio/direct  - 44.1 - 0 db boost, however it still doing that annoying clicking noise through my monitors (psst).  As an aside, i've neve had an issue with the XT Pro when using SDIF.

Looks like setting the POD x3 as the clock source corrects the issue, however it messes everything else up.  I have at least 2 devices that require clocking and my fireface needs to be the source.  So how do I make the POD X3 clock to the fireface without getting that "pssst" sound every few seconds?

EDIT MArch 21st 2012:  tested my xt pro again and it works fine clocking to any rate once the pod is set to match spdif.  Still can't x3 to do it though:(

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