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Mobile in
by casakappa on 2012-03-21 02:56:21.5470

Could you please tell me why ipod touch is not supported when almost every other app and interface for ipad, iphone, IS around the world ?

Thank tou.

Re: Mobile in
by gChrisG on 2012-03-26 12:02:10.6970

Sorry about the disappointment, but unfortunately this is out of Line 6's control.  Mobile In is a digtal audio device with an input, and no output.  None of the iPod touch models support the use of such interfaces, and that includes the Apogee Jam and the Griffin GuitarConnect Pro (you can verify this on their websites).  You're right that there are a number of other interfaces that do work with iPod touch, but they're all either analog inputs which have much lower quality, or else digital interfaces that include both audio in and audio out.

We do take care to clearly indicate which iDevice models each product works with, but again: Sorry for the misinderstanding.

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