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A Line6 option for A/B footswitch on DT50??
by jeremyburkett on 2012-03-22 07:44:26.9720

I understand that the DT50 series of amps do not come with an external footswitch for changing back and forth between channels A and B.  I've read that some people say any generic A/B switch will work but (perhaps it's a little bit OCD) I tend to prefer to have my gear at least "match".  Does Line6 offer a separately sold A/B switch that is compatible with the DT50 line?  (**I just saw on the FVB2 page that the DT50 line is NOT listed as compatible devices....that's why I posted this question.)

Any insights would be greatly appreciated!!

Re: A Line6 option for A/B footswitch on DT50??
by darealagentp on 2012-03-22 09:17:19.4790

Hi Jeremy... we do not manufacture any dual-channel selection footswitches for the DT-series amps. The FBV2 is a digital/network-based switch to control our FBV-compatible devices via the CAT-5 communication protocol.

FWIW, here in the support office we have a generic amp channel select switch for testing purposes. I think one of our reps brought it in years ago from an old amp of his that he no longer had and forgot to include the switch with when he sold the amp. It works just great.

It looks very similar to this:

Re: A Line6 option for A/B footswitch on DT50??
by Tboneous on 2013-03-06 14:17:44.9470

So if I understand this correctly, the flagship Line 6 DT amplifiers do not come with a simple foot switch? So as great as Line 6  claims these amps are; the amazing amout of tonal variety that you can access; the ability to finger your Trito-doodles and message your Pento-bobbles, the various amp voicings, the loud and louder switch and all of the other enclosed kits and kaboodles; you're telling me that Line 6 does not provide a simple footswitch that allows a way to access or control these parameters without having to walk over to your amp and start flipping and turning knobs and toggles all while attempting to play live? Really?!?! What's up with tha.... OHHHHH! I get it! It's so simple! Why did I not see this sooner!, The HD series of multi fx pedals will do the trick for a nominal fee (north of $500 for the HD-500).

Now THAT is company with it's priorities in the right place! I can see the infomercial now...."If you purchase DT-50 today, we will throw in, FOR FREE, the amazing HD-500 Multi FX processor which will actually allow you to effectively use your new amp in a practical way! (Just pay separate shipping and handling. Oh by the way , the shipping and handing fee is $550!) Genious!!!!

Sam Walton made a fortune selling products where he took less of a markup on those products.  Now Wal-Mart is one of the largest employers on the planet.

Just sayin...

Re: A Line6 option for A/B footswitch on DT50??
by theoptimizers on 2013-03-06 14:34:46.9060

Any programmable Midi foot controller will do the trick. You can use one of these:">">

And program it with Midi CC 66 (any value 0-127). This is from the MIDI Implementation Guide:">">


Re: A Line6 option for A/B footswitch on DT50??
by talwilkins on 2013-03-06 14:37:34.2770

Though I agree Line6 should have included a simple A/B footswitch, you're way off.

The DT is a versatile amp on it's own, with two channels you can program the way you want them.

If you combine with the HD500 you can do even more but that doesn't stop you from using the DT as an ordinary two channel amp since that's all it is. It just give you the choise in voicing combined with  feedback topology, Class A or A/B and Pentode/triode. It's really cool as it is.

Still the missing A/B switch is a bummer.

Re: A Line6 option for A/B footswitch on DT50??
by Tboneous on 2013-03-06 15:21:35.0920

Well...I don't know how off I am on the lack of footswitch. I have a very expensive Two Rock amp (way over priced!) But with it,  I have access to everything that the amp can do through the included footswitch. All channel switching, all treble boosts, all bass boosts,...everything. Sure, the DT's are a two channel amp on their own. I get that! I'll even go futher and say, its a damn good two channel amp. I just put my order in for a DT-50 212. I played the 25 and was very impressed. But the DT is so much more than just a two channel amp. At least that is what Line 6 is telling you!  With all of the voicings and do-dads, it becomes two channel amp that you can voice 20 different ways. But you have no real working musicians way of accessing any of it because there is no footswitch. I just find it curious that the $500 HD pedal can swich between voicings, Triode/Pentode, Class A/B, Channel A/B etc. If it wasn't important to be able to access all of the different tonal options, then why put  them there? Why give the HD pedals the ability to access and switch between them? It's like buying a Ferrari but they sell the transmission seperate. How simple would it have been to offer a footswitch that can do the same thing that the HD pedals can do without all of the FX and include it with the amp? I'll tell you why, because the money is made selling you more stuff.

I don't necessarily think thats a bad thing. I'm just gonna call it when i see it!

Re: A Line6 option for A/B footswitch on DT50??
by theoptimizers on 2013-03-06 15:34:38.6830

There is a 1/4 port in the back of the DT50.  The user's guide says this:

"14. Footswitch – Connect a Tip-Sleeve (TS) latching footswitch here for easy access to switch between Channels A and B."

Here are some cheap options:">">">">

Get yourself a footswitch, and go to town.

Re: A Line6 option for A/B footswitch on DT50??
by Tboneous on 2013-03-06 16:26:42.0310

Thanx for the reccomendation! Funny thing, when I ordered my DT-50, I also ordered the HD-500. I am a stickler for uniformity. I know I am being taken to the bank. But I gotta have complete control of my gear. And boy-o-boy that DT sounds good!

So I guess....I have already gone to town and have been taken to the cleaners!!! I'm use to that. I'm an Apple product guy and I did buy an overpriced Two Rock!

Re: A Line6 option for A/B footswitch on DT50??
by geppert on 2013-03-06 16:36:14.3140

I "lucked out" and got a Traynor (of all things) 2 button footswitch (with led) with a TRS 1/4" cable last time I was in my local music store. It was used and cheap plus they "threw in" the 20' TRS cable (footswitch has a TRS female jack on it, not hardwired) for free (bonus). Plugged dfirectly into the footswitch jack on the back of my DT25 and it not only switches the channels back and forth it also turns the reverb off/on.

Note: you can also use a footswitch to force the amp to go to Channel A (with whatever onboard amp model you have selected), when using the HD500 via L6 link with no active amp model. I stumbled on this little trick by accident because at the present time I am using the POD HD500 stricktly as an efx pedal board without an active amp model. I have the DT set up with a clean and crunch tone on Channel's A & B respectfully and I move between the two with the footswitch. This was an experiment I was trying out and I haven't gone back to using active amp models on the HD500 yet. I have the amp set up pretty much the way I want it at the moment and like using the onboard preamp simms eventhough it is "supposed" to be the same using the HD500's preamps via L6 link instead .... I find that I prefer the DT amp simm over the equivalent HD500 amp simm ..... but that is just me.

It is a bit of an enigma to me that they do not include a footswitch with the DT amps especially considering their cost. Old Leo Fender had that one covered from the beginning !~!

Re: A Line6 option for A/B footswitch on DT50??
by spaceatl on 2013-03-06 17:30:38.1350

DTs respond to standard midi CCs....Fairly standard approach for building into a rig where midi event sequences are the norm for integrating midi gear made by different companies...Some of us have been doing that since the 1980s...But others don't remember any of that stuff anymore...ot never did it in the first place.

Re: A Line6 option for A/B footswitch on DT50??
by talwilkins on 2013-03-07 15:10:07.8690

Would you want a footswitch to switch between A/B and A and penthode and triode?

You choose the voicing with the topology, combine it with a choice for A/B and Penthode/triode.

Then you've programmed one channel. Do the same with the other channel and switch with a A/B footswitch (wich should have been included).

Since Firmware 2 you can choose between all voicings instead of the original 4 with firmware 1. Of course Line6 should have provided the software to do that. Fortunately a user made the software anyway.

I really don't see the problem concerning the amp. Only the fact that Line6 doesn't deliver the needed tools, which is kind of stupid.

Yes the HD500 gives you even more flexebility. Basically it changes the DT from 2 channel to 512 channel amp.

And it gives you deep editing. You can't expect thatv from the amp alone.

Re: A Line6 option for A/B footswitch on DT50??
by vcuomo on 2013-03-27 18:25:15.3940

Here's another source for a two-button footswitch with LEDs:

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