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connection and configuration pod to 2.0 pc with an adapter cable usb / midi
by oblyguitar on 2012-03-23 07:04:03.1060

my pod 2.0 has a problem: suddenly the left and right outputs have a very low volume even with the maximum output level, while the headphones work fine. I read in your forum that you probably need to reset to factory. not to lose all the facts I would like to download presets on the PC with the software, I bought an adapter cable usb / midi but I can not make it work. using the Line6 EDIT software did not recognize the pod connected, see the midi in and out as a USB speaker but then the pc is not communicating with the pod. I have to install the adapter driver usb / midi? The manufacturer does not provide them because 'he says do not need. How can I do to lose all my presets?

thanks Andrea

Re: connection and configuration pod to 2.0 pc with an adapter cable usb / midi
by Line6david on 2012-03-29 10:40:11.3410


What is the brand of the USB interface? Keep in mind that "Plug n Play" interfaces sometimes are not robust enough to handle the data transfer rate of our products. We recommend a MIDI interface with a mature driver set like the M-Audio MIDI Sport UNO:">">">">



Re: connection and configuration pod to 2.0 pc with an adapter cable usb / midi
by schweizt on 2012-11-12 19:24:13.4420


I have two Pod 2.0 units. Really love them! (That's why I have two.)

I've successfully connected them (using Line 6 Edit) to my computer for over a year using the midi ports on my M-Audio Delta 1010.

I have another computer that does not have any midi ports.

I would like to be able to connect to that computer using the Line 6 Edit software.

I purchased an off-brand USB Midi cable on eBay - it did not work with either POD 2.0, so I thought it was defective.

However, after checking further, it works just fine with my keyboards.

It uses a CL036 driver.

Is the basic answer that I'm out of luck, since the cable/driver is "not robust enough" to handle the POD 2.0?

The Delta 1010 is connected to my DAW via a PCI slot, so moving it around is not a solution.

I just wanted a cheap way to use Line 6 edit on another PC in my house - I don't want to fire up the DAW everytime I redo my patches like I've done for the past year.

Would a M-Audio Midisport 1x1 be guaranteed to work?

I know the M-Audio Uno is a bad choice; it has compatibility issues with some keyboards.

Thanks for your insights.


Re: connection and configuration pod to 2.0 pc with an adapter cable usb / midi
by Mr_Arkadin on 2012-11-13 05:06:04.3110

Line 6 actually recommend the MIDISport Uno. I would imagine any decent MIDI device would also work. Those cheap cables may seem OK on your keyboards, but other than playing them, have you tried a SysEx dump? That's when you can tell if the MIDI device is robust - they usually fall down at this point.

Anyway it certainly seems most likely that your no-name brand USB-MIDI cable cannot handle the POD's data stream (which obviously contains no note data - which is all your current cables seem capable of). If the POD works fine on the Delta and not on the no-name cable then I think you can easily judge where the problem lies.

Where have you read that the Uno has issues?

btw, what is the issue with connecting your second POD to the Delta?

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