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Issues with AX2 Controller
by jdisom on 2012-03-23 10:56:58.0280

I bought an AX2 a few years back.  Love the amp, but I have a problem with my controller board in the middle of gigs re-assigning patches.  Very strange thing occurs because I'll start off playing and a specific patch will not be at the assigned location it maybe when i stomp the expression pedal.  Anyone have any suggestions on what could be causing this.....??


Re: Issues with AX2 Controller
by es336td on 2012-12-07 16:29:47.8210

Take the floorboard apart.  Make sure all connections are clean; unplug multipin and replug a couple of times.  Make sure the circuit board is mounted correctly; tight up against the stand-offs.  Make sure the plungers are aligned with the rubber switches on the circuit board and that all the nuts and caps are tight.   The other thing is, when was the battery changed?   It may not be the floorboard at all.  If the battery is dead, it's resetting everything to factory.

The thing can be a PITA but with a little regular maintenance, it can bring you joy for a long time.  I have two!

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