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Stumpsout Conclusions about JTV-69
by stumpsout on 2012-03-23 17:44:36.9050

Hey guys, I've been tied up for a while but want to just give a quick update.

So, I've been through quite a 'search' shall we say trying to find a JTV that I was satisfied with. I was falling off the edge of the fretboard when i did my high e pull off scale pattern licks.

I am pretty aggressive on them, and tried to lighten up a bit. i couldn't seem to do it well enough to be able to accept the 'limitation'. The first thing i said when i played the JTV-69 was "it will probably be okay for most players..but not for me, because i milk that part of a guitar".

I tried 4 JTV-69's , 3 59's, and an 89. All Korean ones. I must say that i found the neck on the 69 to be quite good otherwise. It let me get into a good zone where my improvising was "flowing" quite fluidly. But i kept feeling distracted by the frets being so close to the edge and it interupted my flow to the point where i could not settle with it.

In a different way, i loved the 89 neck. i still want one. It was a scale/shred dream. But that damm high e string was too close for me, I fell off too much. Again, i play those areas hard..downward pull off, chicken pickin drone scale nitro stuff lol

I have now ended up with a JTV-69US. At first when i played it, i way!..I'm still feeling like I'm too close to the edge of the fretboard. As i gave it a chance, i realised i was able to lighten up just a hair on my touch and could stay safely on the fretboard. The neck feels very much like the Korean size, but the guitar is lighter and seems a bit higher quality overall. The electronics are identical.

So as i was testing out the guitar, i felt literally sucked in to another level of that "flow" I was talking about while improvising. I own a PRS Singlecut, which is an incredible piece of work, and i have had those type of flow moments on it.

This JTV-69 US guitar is of the same caliber, but in a different way. It is really a 'player's guitar' in the sense of a player that goes deep will be able to appreciate it fully.

This guitar becomes part of my hand, and not only removes limitations of my fingers physically, allowing me to do whatever i am thinking...but also enhances my creativity because it feels so good. It's hard to put all this flowery talk in words obviously..but i'm telling you, at this level of playing, it becomes spiritual, and only the finest guitars i've ever played can be spoken of in this context.

So I guess those fretboard edge strings are made to be that close to the edge, by James Tyler's exact specs. Too bad some frets on the Korean necks were not paid closer attention to, it gave these necks a bad rap..because it is a crucial part of the whole package...and needs to be very accurate.

Re: Stumpsout Conclusions about JTV-69
by donfrantz on 2012-03-24 08:58:58.2470

So glad you found a JTV to your liking after all you went through. Amazing perseverance! I'm real happy with my Korean '59. Put new tuners on it and it has become my #1 to you,


Re: Stumpsout Conclusions about JTV-69
by silverhead on 2012-03-24 09:13:30.1160

I'm very glad to hear that this saga eventually ended up with you having  a JTV guitar that you like. Kudos to you for your perseverance and your ability to manage frustration. I'm sure the whole thing felt insurmountable at certain moments.

Re: Stumpsout Conclusions about JTV-69
by stumpsout on 2012-03-24 10:52:26.3850

Thanks so much for your help and support Don and Silverhead!

I will be looking for a second JTV Korean for a backup, just gotta check it out thoroughly first.

D'oh, should definately mention that Rich Renken was a real blessing throughout and went far above and beyond anything I've ever seen in customer service. I'm blown away and am crazy about this guitar!

Re: Stumpsout Conclusions about JTV-69
by davidb7170 on 2012-03-24 13:01:15.1050

I'm also very glad you have ended up with an instrument that makes you happy -- congrats!! I've also had service far above & beyond with Rich on several occasions in the past year, can't say enough good about him!


Re: Stumpsout Conclusions about JTV-69
by Nick_Mattocks on 2012-03-25 07:04:33.5620

I'm so pleased this whole episode for you has worked out as well as it has and that you are now the proud and happy owner of a JTV-69 that lives up to your requirements   As others have said, kudos to you for the way you remained patient throughout and I'm also pleased that Rich and Line 6 did everything possible to get you to the end result


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