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Only clean sound using pod farm 2.51 from my studio GX on my macbook
by ducks2011 on 2012-03-24 01:25:21.5190

     I purchased a line 6 studio gx at the beginning of last year (2011) and was able to use pod farm 2 with no problem at all. After having the device stowed away for about 5 months after its last use, I recently tried hooking it back up to my macbook and noticed a few things didn't work.

      First off, the output is working however it's only on clean, no preset sounds work (presets that do not require purchase). I also noticed the tuner doesn't work either, I assume because the "In" gauge in the upper left hand corner barely registers anything at all. After installing all current updates on Monkey I had the same problems. I thought that maybe this was all just a problem with the usb input settings on my computer. I went into system preferences, then sound, and set my input to GX and output to built-in, tried switching USB ports and cables (both USB and guitar) and still nothing had changed.

     Still confused, I tried a few google searches and read a few similar cases on this forum. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling drivers, Monkey, Pod farm and Pod farm 2, and License Manager, I deauthorized and reauthorized my GX and computer, and still nothing had changed. I also went to the mixer and noticed neither tone A or B were able to be activated. At that point I was unable to find any new material that could help me in any way.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what could be causing this problem? I have a feeling it could be an easy fix I just don't know exactly what I'm doing.

My current operating system is Mac OS X 10.6.8. Thanks!

Re: Only clean sound using pod farm 2.51 from my studio GX on my macbook
by Line6Don on 2012-04-12 16:32:50.3530

I would suggest to remove the Line 6 driver from your MAC using the instructions at the link below:">">

Then assign the GX as the systems sound card using the instructions at the link below:

Within POD Farm 2, select the 'preferences; menu from the 'file' option, then assign the GX in the 'Use this device' field, click apply, click ok. Go back to the mixer view and see if you are able to receive input from your instrument into POD Farm.

The information above may not be current, and you should direct questions to the current forum or review the manual.