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Connecting/Recording Spider Jam into a Focusrite USB interface?
by DVoit on 2012-03-24 23:41:12.5270

Hello, and thank you for reading this.

I just bought my Line 6 Spider Jam the other day and it is F****** BADASS!!

I love how I can live loop and save my own recordings into the amp itself...

It really is a high-tech amplifier.

What I am trying to do is connect my Spider Jam (via rca to 1/4 cable) into my Focusrite USB audio interface in order to record live sound into Ableton Live (which is what I use to write songs).

I BELIEVE I am doing this the right but I could be wrong...

I inserted the rca ends (red and white) into their corresponding areas on the back of the spider jam, then I inserted the other end of the cable (which is the 1/4 " that looks like a guitar cable) into INPUT 1 of my interface.

The Spider Jam is turned ON and I can hear sound coming from the amp itself, HOWEVER, I can't hear sound In Ableton Live when the Spider Jam is connected to my USB interface...

Please Help!!!!! I LOVE MAKING MUSIC!!!!!!

Re: Connecting/Recording Spider Jam into a Focusrite USB interface?
by DVoit on 2012-03-25 21:27:02.7480

Never Mind, I figured out what was wrong...

HOWEVER, when I am playing my amp by its lonesome, the sound quality is GREAT.

When I play it through my interface, it is MUCH QUIETER than before and harder to hear, so I turn it up in order to hear it but it starts giving me a crackling noise like it's too loud or something.

How can i get a better quality sound when hooking up to my interface?

ANY help is MUCH appreciated,

Thank You

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