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Pod HD 500 Looking for Power Amp or Not?
by cristian100 on 2012-03-28 08:06:53.7300

Hello my Line 6 friend users and technical friends

I been using this amazing multi FX machine for the last 3 months, and everyday I definitively learn something new on it. Right now Im looking for a configuration for heavy metal, with the kind of bass metallica, pantera sound... specifically when we palm mute the guitar in a down strokes style... I used to have a GT2, where I could have a very nice sound for this specific sound Im describing.... well at the Pod HD500 a haven't found a way to make it.

My gear? I have this Marshal MG100hfx head, I used the pod with the output set to stack power, and connected to the marshal in the return input.

1) First question, I been reading, researching a lot, (I have seen already a lot of videos here at this forum and even at youtube, so.. Im not asking without doing my own quest).... my question is, do you think that even using the Return input from my amp will still colour the sound in a way Im not reproducing guitar the best it could?

Now, I have a mixer behringer, the X2442, and a Mackie SRM450v2, so I have tried as well to use the Pod as the output to Studio direct, using it connected to the mixer and then to the Mackie, is good, but kinda lack of bass... the kind of bass I use to hear at palm muting... now, I know this mixer has some sort of preamp on each channel.

2) This should affect the sound that the pod planned to output to the speaker... right?

Now, I have seen some other mixer that has on the first channels a button that says Hi-Z and a Guitar icon there? should it mean that this would bypass the preamp of the mixer for that channel? would it make a difference on the Pod HD?

So... I have seen some videos about the Tech 21 Power Engine 60, that is suppose to be a good match for the Pod, cause it has no preamp at all, just Guitar >> Pod >> PE60

3) Has anybode had any experience with:

  • Guitar Amp with Return Input
  • A PA
  • PE60

...and tell me if getting the PE60 would make a good difference compared with the PA speaker?? I sold my Marshal Amp yesterday, and I have the money to buy right now to buy another gear, but my concern is that maybe the PE60 would sound like the Mackie PA I already have... or perhaps I could sell the mixer and buy one of those without the preamp..... Im lost.. I seriously need your help.

Thank you for reading me

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